How does Microsoft know that TESTKING is illegal?


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    Hi all, I'm finally gonna take my first of 5 exams on the road to MCSD. I have been playing with .NET for like 2 years now and am confident I'll pass, despite all the books and cram sessions ;) My question is have any of you MCADs/MCSDs found the MSFT Webcasts and/or LearnVisualStudio.NET website video training series to be helpful along the way. Personally I think these are excellent resources and have saved me myriads of hours in Acrobat Reader... Also, any of you have experience with the "CramMaster" Simulated Testing program??? Any good? Thanks, E Golpe
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    Hi, When i am working on an exercise. I am quite confusing about principalperm1.Union and principalperm1.IsSubSetOf method. Using Union seems joining two user role together and cannot check if they are in the same security class. while the isSubSet method, as at my understanding, is to validate whether a security role is under the other security role. I cannot make the judgement on that, can anyone tell me how to solve this question? With many thanks Regards, Norton You use Visual Studio .NET to develop Windows-based application. You implement security by using the security classes of the .NET Framework. Your application includes the follwing procedure. 01 Public Sub ApproveVaction(Byval user1 as string, byval role1 as string, _ 02 byval user2 as string, byval role2 as string) 03 dim principalperm1 as new principalpermission(user1, role1) 04 dim principalperm2 as new principalpermission(user2, role2) 05 'Insert new code. 06 'Additional procedure code goes here 07 End Sub You must ensure that both User1 and User2 are members of the same security roles. Which code segement should you insert on line 5? A. principalperm1.IsUnrestricted principalperm2.IsUnrestricted B. principalperm1.IsSubSetOf(principalperm2) C. principalperm1.Intersect(principalperm2).Demand() D. principalperm1.Union(principalper2).Demand()

Re: How does Microsoft know that TESTKING is illegal?

Postby MikeAlfred » Sat, 03 Apr 2004 08:52:51 GMT

Thank you so much Dale... someone finally got what I'm 
wanting to know...

which ones are ok to
certification field
materials are
practice tests
turned out to be
let me point out
practice tests.
only about $35.00
and certification
in message


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