How much studying required?


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    I'm using the Kalini book to study for the 70-315 exam. I need a good C# programming book to go along with this book, any suggestions? I've never programmed in C#, but have in C++ and Java. From what I understand there are similarities, but I want a c# supplemental book that teaches as if totally new to the language. thanks for any help that can be offered. Michael
  • 3. Test Preparation Time
    Hey guys, i've decided to go the c# route. I've ordered Kalani's book to start with and planning on ordering some supplemental software, maybe Transcendor unless anyone can recommend something more effective/cheaper. I'm curious to know how long on average it takes to prepare for one of the exams? I'm taking 70-315 first. I'm trying to set a time goal and work towards that, is 3 months reasonable?
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How much studying required?

Postby psinyc » Mon, 26 Jan 2004 02:44:00 GMT

I know this is an extremely sudjective question, BUT, In 
anyone's opinion, how much study time would you think a 
solid 1 year - ASP.NET (C#) would need to pass the web 

Thanks ..

Re: How much studying required?

Postby Hermit Dave » Mon, 26 Jan 2004 02:59:25 GMT

well if you have around a year with with c# i reckon you probably 
need a month's study / practice - just to get to know the finer points about 
the system.
but its relative cause overall it does cover a lot of areas you might have 
never ventured into. so its always good to take a transcender practice 
test.. dont worry bout the score...
something around 600 should be a good place to start... note down the topics 
where you did bad... and concentrate on them...

hope this helps

Once a Geek.... Always a Geek

Re: How much studying required?

Postby Pravin » Mon, 26 Jan 2004 18:47:38 GMT

If its one year of xp then two weeks should do fine. I did a 6-months
project in VB.NET and ASP.NET. and will give the exam 70-305 next week.

If ur fundas are right then you just need to look into some advanced topics
like caching, tracing, server controls. etc. More time would be needed if in
ur 1 year u didn't use ADO.NET.


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