How to create the MCP account


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    Hi I want to discuss this question with all the people on this group; do you think that the (developers) in general has a good future let's say on the next 10 years? I mean by the word good future Is the salary comparing to other IT fields. I mean is it worth to get (MCAD) and (MCSD) or shall we shift to security e.g.: getting (CISSP). Any one has static information about the demand on the C# and VB developers in (USA and Canada and Europe) from official job websites? Thanks
  • 2. Passed 70-306!!
    Hi everyone Just passed 70-306 this morning. Have to say it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be (but I have been studying for 3 months!) I posted a topic asking whether people thought that the exam questions were easier or harder than those on the MS assessment site. No-one bothered to give me an answer but now I know myself - the exam is easier! I am a VB6 programmer so I knew a little of what to expect from .NET but I still used SAMS VB.NET in 21 days to start me off, then Mike Gunderloys book, the MS self paced training kit and MSDN. Oh yeah, there were 38 questions and I scored 925. Just ordered my next book from Amazon for 70-229 (Thomas Moore) which I'm going to do next. I feel great to now be an MCP but my target is to be an MCAD by the end of the year - time to get some more studying done!
  • 3. For MCP Asp.Net&VB.Net
    Can any body say me any site to get sample questions and syllabaus for and VB.Net

How to create the MCP account

Postby U2FyYQ » Sat, 28 Aug 2004 13:13:07 GMT

I passed yesterday and I'm tryng to create the account on the MCP site 
stated on the score report. I've tried all numbers available on my report but 
no success, I just get this message. 

Error: 1: One or more of your entries does not match your Customer Profile 

What is the VendorRegistrationID supposed to be, I don't have that on my 
score report.


How to create the MCP account

Postby slb » Sat, 28 Aug 2004 22:30:52 GMT

Congrats on passing your exam. It will likely take a few 
days before you can access the site. I had to wait about 3 
days before I could get on the site. It also took a fairly 
long time to get my welcome kit, so don't be waiting by 
the door.
the MCP site 
available on my report but 
Customer Profile 
have that on my 

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