I just Pass 70-305


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  • 1. Few Questions about MCAD
    I will be finishing my Masters in CS in May 2006. I have 3 yrs of coding experience during which I have worked on VB 6.0, VB.NET and JAVA. My next aim is to crack MCAD...and want to start planning for that right from now. 1) How long would it take to on an averagre for a person whol has VS.NET coding experiene for 2 yrs...to pass the exam. Just an approximation 2) I have heard that if you pass the exam with C#...its more beneficial, since it resembles JAVA and eventually C# is going to rule...IS THIS TRUE. Thanks, Vishal Modi
  • 2. Should this newsgroup have an FAQ?
    ...and who should compile it? the more frequent that someone has to point out something eg to a newcomer, the more the chances are that it gets pointed out with increased emotion and sometimes ending up with a flaming of the newcomer because patience has eventually worn so very thin. it's often the case that a newsgroup has an FAQ. these are on the web and also posted to the newsgroup periodically, esp when updated, or in response to a posting. seems to make sense to me. what do you think? mark
  • 3. Feedback on failed exams?
    If you don't pass an exam, what type of feedback do you get? Will they tell you what areas you were weak in? Is there any benefit to taking the test just to find out where you stand?
  • 4. 70-320 dumps required.
    hi, i am giving 70-320 next week.could you please send me latest testking or braindumps for it. my email id is XXXX@XXXXX.COM thanks in advance rajeev
  • 5. testking.co.uk study guides are the best for all IT exams
    testking.co.uk study guides are the best for all IT exams

I just Pass 70-305

Postby S2hhSGVyZQ » Fri, 03 Jun 2005 01:22:06 GMT

I just passed the test 70-305 on 05/31/2005. I read MCSD/MCAD From Microsoft. 
This book fairly enough covers all topic in the test. If you want to pass the 
test, read Chapter 7,8,9,10, and 12. You need to do practice tests on the CDs 
that come with the book, and also try Microsoft Skills Assessment free online.
Best regard,

RE: I just Pass 70-305

Postby RXJpayBNZXJlbmRh » Fri, 03 Jun 2005 21:27:27 GMT

Hi !!!

I studied the Gunderloy, Mike book, and I passed on exam in 05/27/2005.

This book is very good.

I'm from Brazil, sorry my english.

Erik Merenda

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