I just Pass 70-305


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  • 1. 1 MCP to go until MCAD ?
    I have completed and passed the following MCP's 70-315 C# Web Apps 70-320 C# Web Services I was wondering if I could now complete 70-316 C# Win Apps in order to gain my MCAD ? Cheers Y
  • 2. Another beginner
    Hi, I am a VBA programmer with almost 7 yrrs in just VBA. I am thinking of doing the MCAD in hopes of landing a .NET job. Here are my questions. 1. Will certifications without experience help me land a job? 2. Which track should i pursue? - Webapps development or windows based applications? (All my experience has been windows based although I know a little bit of java). 3. What time frame am I looking at? 4. I was considering 70-305, 70-310 and 70-229. How good is the market for web apps compared to Windows based app development? 5. Will I be considered for jobs which require non web app development? TIA
  • 3. books for 70-229 and 70-320
    Hi All, I am really confused about the information i got on the community posts. Can anyone please advise me on books for these exams. I am confused whether to buy the one from microsoft or from QUE (Amit kalani and thomas moore)???
  • 4. MCAD MS Books question.
    As i look around here I noticed not alot of people us the Microsoft books that are recommended for these Tests. Is there a reason? are they that bad? I was about to order a couple of them, so that is why I ask.
  • 5. MCAD in the UK
    I am about to start doing 305 for MCAD ( Web Apps using VB) I have a Masters Degree in Computer Science (done in 1999), and have 5 years experience developing apps using VB6 and SQL. I have gained experience in VB.NET over the last year. Will the addition of an MCAD qualification on top of the above make a big difference to my attractiveness to future employers in the UK? I am happy where i am etc, but am looking at the best way forward for my career. People's views on the above would be greatly appreciated, and suggested alternatives. Thanks Liam.

I just Pass 70-305

Postby S2hhSGVyZQ » Fri, 03 Jun 2005 01:22:06 GMT

I just passed the test 70-305 on 05/31/2005. I read MCSD/MCAD From Microsoft. 
This book fairly enough covers all topic in the test. If you want to pass the 
test, read Chapter 7,8,9,10, and 12. You need to do practice tests on the CDs 
that come with the book, and also try Microsoft Skills Assessment free online.
Best regard,

RE: I just Pass 70-305

Postby RXJpayBNZXJlbmRh » Fri, 03 Jun 2005 21:27:27 GMT

Hi !!!

I studied the Gunderloy, Mike book, and I passed on exam in 05/27/2005.

This book is very good.

I'm from Brazil, sorry my english.

Erik Merenda

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