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  • 1. Double Certified? - Actually
    Actually it is two certifications, and shows up in your transcript as two separate certs. However, I agree with everyone else. (on a smaller scale) it's bit like having your BA in Comp Sci and your Masters .... it would be silly to state that you have both and just doing so would make you look deserving of neither. >-----Original Message----- >I was noticing that most of the tests for MCAD were the same tests as MCSD. >I was wondering if I took my tests for MCAD and got that, could I roll those >into qualifying for MCSD? > >If I took tests A, B, & C (which would qualify me for either MCAD or MCSD) >and got my MCAD, could I then just take tests D & E to get my MCSD and come >out DOUBLE certified? > > >. >
  • 2. Book Exchange
    I live in Toronto and I have the following books: Kalani's 70-315 Kalani's 70-316 MS Press 70-315 and want to exchange either of those with MS Press MCAD/MCSD three-in-one or Amit Kalani's 70-320.
  • 3. What is a Braindump
    What does a 'Braindump' exactly mean ? viv
  • 4. Go further...?!?
    I have just earned the MCAD.NET certificate successfully last week. And now would like to go further in order to get MCSD.NET certificate. However, when i was visiting the web-site of Visual Studio in Microsoft, I found that they already announced the next generation of Visual Studio, called "Whidbey" in 2004 and "Orcas" in 2005. Do anyone knows the current .NET certificate will be retired soon after the next generation of VS mentioned above? Is there the great change in the language, such as VB.NET or C# in the next generation of VS? I am now confusing whether to go further for MCSD or not. Do anyone can give me so comment? Thanks in advance!!!
  • 5. 70-320 Exam Pattern
    Hi Guys, Can anybody who has already appeared for 70-320 exam recently guide me about the exam pattern i.e., whether the exam pattern is limited to single and multiple choice questions or something different. TIA Regards, slt

Job Hunt

Postby DBA » Sun, 27 Mar 2005 01:09:38 GMT

Hi all,

I have 3 yrs SQL Server exp. and I have just received my 
MCDBA,  I am currently wroking  but 
I want to find a new job inorder to increase my salary.
What is the best way to hunt for a better job?

Job Hunt

Postby FYI-Geek » Wed, 30 Mar 2005 21:00:54 GMT

FYI - Microsoft Skills Assessments are free

A great place to compliment your training is to use the
free Microsoft Skills Assessments at 
You can take as many assessments as you need or want to 
and its always free. 
Industry use these assessments to measure your skill sets, 
so completing them successfully is in your best interest.
If you need help, you can also get free detailed Q&A 
support for some of the assessments at 
Good Luck with you job hunting

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