Just Passed 70-305


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    Hi, I've just passed exam 70-320. I had 856. I was given 43 questions for 120 minutes. About half of the questions were very surprising - there is no information about them in the book. Maybe only people who have lots of experience with .NET can answer them. I just guessed on those questions. I bookmarked some of the questions for later review. Sometimes some of the following questions gave me a hint what might be the answer for the bookmarked questions ;-) Good luck to everyone! Kiril Vasilev
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    Hi I am planning to give 70-315 and 70-316. I have read a lot of posts stating that Amit Kalani's books are good. The problem is that they are not available here - the training guides. The Exam Cram books and Microsoft ones are available. Should I 1. Use the Microsoft books and then go through the Exam Crams for review? 2. Should I order Amit Kalani's books from Amazon or some other online bookstore? 3. Or should I use some other book? Thanks in Advance Vikas
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    Hi, I just passed the 3rd exam for MCAD. Here's my report: - Nov 2004: passed 70-305 with 848, prepared with Mike Gunderloys book (QUE) This book is great: full coverage (as I can judge), precise and clear explanations. - Two days ago: passed 70-306 with 850, prepared with MS Press Original Training (in German) This resource prepared me well. IMHO, it is just a bit too verbose, but it's good stuff. - Today: passed 70-310 with 820, prepared with Kenneth Linds book (Osborne) This book is astonishing bad. During preparation I repeatedly felt it "too easy" and today's exam committed this: there were so many things asked, that the book did not mention at all! But, I did not know that much about these exam's topics and passed using the book after one and a half day preparation. So, it can't be that bad. Before the exam, i attended the test exam of the book-CD and failed with a score of just 550! HTH, Francis
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    I am thinking whether to wait for 2.0 or go with existing one thanks

Just Passed 70-305

Postby VS » Tue, 28 Sep 2004 23:52:17 GMT

Just passed 70-305 exam.

Time allotted: 1:50 minutes

But i completed the exam in half hour, this is my first 
certification appearing for the first time, if you have 
good knowledge of the subject, the exam is a piece of cake.

These are the books i followed:

Mike's book from Que(best book - not just for 
certification but for asp.net in general).

Preplogic exam: Way too tough questions, so dont panick if 
you dont get 100% in the exam., yea do panic if you dont 
get 70% :D

Did go through MS press book for asp.net, its amazing to 
see that lot of questions in the actual exam popped up 
from the practice test that came with the kit.


Re: Just Passed 70-305

Postby Saga » Wed, 29 Sep 2004 00:31:02 GMT

Does this kit include the MSPress book that you mentioned?

Mike's book? Would it be this one?


Re: Just Passed 70-305

Postby VS » Wed, 29 Sep 2004 00:48:33 GMT

Actually this is the book i followed from MS Press(I 
assume the one you sent is a bundle of all the tests).

heres the one i followed:

You're right on Mike's book.




Re: Just Passed 70-305

Postby Saga » Wed, 29 Sep 2004 01:24:07 GMT

That is correct, it is a bundle. I am hoping to buy the bundle
once and have the set of books. Although I have not found
any information describing which books are included there.

However, by looking at the link you posted, a little further
down the page, Amazon will sell you this book + the bundle
for $164.58USD, so I can assume that the book you have
is not included in the bundle.

I will make a note of this book, thanks for the info!

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