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    sirs, i karmegam finis my BA. my father is goverment employe and i have 3 sisters to marry. i need lot of cash for that. i like to work in softwear. pleaz tell me how to do mcad and other certifications. i no spend money. i have no email. pleaze send me book, sylabus and other material to my postal address. also, tell me how to get amerikan visa. will i get america visa after these exams ? Kindly do the needfull. Address : Karmegam, 103, Oppanakara Kovil St, Tiruppur, Tamilnadu, INDIA. thank you all sirs, Karmegam.
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    Please need to know your experience with test what all u used for preparation and how hard did u feal the test was and what all topics do u really have to concentrate on for the exam... reply would help a lot >-----Original Message----- >Hi i cleared the 70-305 exam With 962, >Next i am going to take 70-310 but i dont have enough >idea abt the Language XML itself, >Can you please tell any book? >I am a fresher. >. >
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    Hi all i am planning to take the 305 exam, and i just wanted to test my self with the skill assessments on Microsoft's site, and then i saw this: "Click here to save 15% on your next exam by using promo code ASDNBB" hmm, but could figure out how and where to use the that code?? Do you say it when ordering the test or? Can anybody help me?

MCAD - VB Track

Postby Donna French » Thu, 30 Sep 2004 03:15:12 GMT

I have recently started studying and working toward my 
MCAD. Before I found this group I had already bought MS 
VB.NET Step by Step, and I must say after reading it I 
can't believe I bought it. It was great for getting an 
understanding of how VB.NET works but not for learning 
how to actually apply the knowledge in the real world.

Now I'm about to move on and work through Mike's book for 
70-305 and from what I can tell so far it will be great.

I have taken a VB.NET beginner's class at the local 
college and have been doing Windows apps using VB.NET for 
about 6 months now. After some research in the job market 
I'm not sure why anyone would study the Windows forms 
side of VB.NET. Unless maybe planning to go to work for a 
software company, everyone else appears to be running 
most applications thru a web browser.

Anyone else done some job market research and found 
anything interesting to consider? I like doing windows 
apps but haven't found much out there for this.


Re: MCAD - VB Track

Postby Hermit Dave » Thu, 30 Sep 2004 04:32:32 GMT

job market is a very localised thing. i have seen lots of winforms
requirement in london though a large chunk of it is using c#.
ASP.NET is indeed a pretty good thin client solution. As a programmer /
developer (i prefer programmer makes it sounds more real) one should have
hands on to both winforms and webforms. There are times when one is more
appropriate in a particular circumstance over the other. Knowning when helps
and when you have hands on to both you get the feel.

Hope that helped..



Hermit Dave
( http://www.**--****.com/ )

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