MCAD (MCP) exam format


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    Hi I have heard that the Transcender is the best is it true ? Any other test prepartions software I should consider ? Any tips will be appreciated Also if anybody has any links to coupons / discounts on these softwares (Transcender etc ) please direct me to them Thanks Dinesh
  • 2. QUE vs Prep Logic
    Hi. I've been studying for 70-316 using the Kalani book from QUE. I was feeling quite confident after reading the questions in the book but after looking at the questions in the PrepLogic Practice Exam, I'm getting a bit worried. The PrepLogic questions seem much harder than those in the book, although most people seem to recommend the book for the exam. Which questions offer a truer reflection of the exam?

MCAD (MCP) exam format

Postby Audrey » Fri, 05 Nov 2004 22:45:31 GMT

I heard from Amit's book there would be fixed form and 
adaptive exams.  I am planning to take exams.  
1. I would like to know what format of exams are 
presenting recently?  
2. What percentage of simulation questions are presented 
in an exam?


MCAD (MCP) exam format

Postby Nilson » Sat, 06 Nov 2004 01:45:34 GMT

1) I took a fixed form exam (70-316) last Monday.
2) None (at least for me)

Good luck,


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