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  • 1. Testking
    hey, I am prparing for 70-316...does anyone know what's is the latest version available for Testking..thanks in advance
  • 2. I'm now a MCAD .Net
    Passed 70-315 on Sep 18th, passed 70-310 on Oct 6th, passed 70-229 on Oct 15th. I'm now a MCAD .Net. Looking forward to be an MCSD by the end of the year 2004. It was a great encouragement from communities and message boards like this. I had 2 years of experience in developing web, windows and xml applications in .Net. But, there was a lot I learned when preparing for the exam. I used Trancenders (they are tough) and dumps to read. Basically anyone can pass the exam if the dumps are read. But, I would also encourage anyone to read some books. In my experience reading books alone won't help. Also, one will need a great amount of patience to scroll through every book of 300 pages. The bottom line is being beneficial from taking these exams. Microsoft and their testing centers are already benefited by people like us. :) Thanks and Good luck to the people of all boards.
  • 3. pressure
    I have a lot pressure lately.A lot homework, assignments, cousework need to be done. Our teachers keep pushing us. can anyone help me?


Postby VGFma2Fz » Sun, 01 Jul 2007 04:10:03 GMT

hi, I'm an MCAD developing WinApps. I would like to become MCPD WinApps, vb 
or maybe c#, don't know yet. I did MCAD using Que Publishing books, which 
were an excellent preparation for me. Does anyone has info about good prep 
books ? On the M$ site I saw several books for this upgrade, but are they 
alle necessary, don't think so. M$ books are not the best preparation also. I 
went looking the Que website, but didn't find a 70-552 book. Does anyone has 
other links ? Suggestions ? Thanks!


Postby U2ltb24gSGFydA » Mon, 13 Aug 2007 20:24:00 GMT

There are very little upgrade books available sadly.

My advice is to break the exam down into chunks. So as you want to take exam 
70-552 find the following books to study or use the free MSDN which is what I 
am doing:-

70-536(TS) - Application Development Foundation
70-526(TS) - Windows Based Client Development
70-548 (PRO) - Designing and Developing Windows-Based Applications

I haven't booked myself in yet for this exam but will do over coming weeks. 
.NET 3 is released, so WCF, WPF etc exams will be released soon...
Simon Hart


Postby VGFma2Fz » Mon, 13 Aug 2007 20:30:00 GMT

thanks, Simon.

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