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  • 1. congrats
    Hey man u got good score,Congrats. How is the test, like how many questions u got and how much is alloted time for it,around how many questions u got having multiple answers? Please share some of the tips and advice for the exam.I am taking my 305 Paper next Week,Thanks in advance.
  • 2. MCAD vs MCSD
    I knew the differences of their requirements, but I just could not justify my time working toward MCSD. Does anybody see any real world value of MCSD over MCAD?
  • 3. ExamCram
    Has any one used ExamCram for the test 70-306? I have a copy of it but it seems a little simple. I think the database has 330 questions in it and it is broken down into 7 sections but some of the sections only have 12 questions in it. Is this representitive of the position of a typical exam?
  • 4. i cleared 70-305 in 15days
    HI Guys, I just cleared 70-305 in the morning 7/27/04...... Please guys download exactquestions bundle & answer the maximum questions... Do it just 4 days before the exam..... RESULTS ARE AMAZING...... Cheers,, Bruce M Dhara, Boston, US of A
  • 5. Jobs
    Everybody said: Mcad Developers have more chances to find a better jobs. Do you know real case? Anyone on Spain, know real case? Thanks

MCAD info

Postby Wilbur » Thu, 04 Mar 2004 06:27:16 GMT

Could any one please give me some details regarding 
training for MCAD and where in india is the training 
imparted and some good books for Visual C# so that i could 
practice C#.

Please recommend some good books for C#. Last but not the 
least am frm Ahmedabad now is there any institution which 
imparts training for MCAD/MCSD or papers 70-315,70-316 

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