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  • 1. how tto sync pocket pc data with remote server
    please guide me how to sync my local data that reside on pocket pc (in xml format) with the remote server (SQL) thamks in advance padam jain
  • 2. How does Microsoft know that TESTKING is illegal?
    Thank you so much Dale... someone finally got what I'm wanting to know... >-----Original Message----- >I think that Mike's really wanting to know how to tell which ones are ok to >get and which are not... How would a newcomer to the certification field >know? Microsoft doesn't publish lists of who's training materials are >illegal. > >Generally, I have found that any of the 20 dollar or less practice tests >with 100% pass guarantees that I have investigated have turned out to be >brain dumps. For the record, and to save lawyers' fees, let me point out >that I have not looked at all the 20 dollar or less practice tests. > >If you want what appears to be the best study guides, and only about $35.00 >at Amazon, get Kalani's C# books. > >Dale > >Spend some time talking to folks, Mike; read the trade and certification >news, you'll get a pretty good handle >"MikeAlfred" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message >news:123c101c4113b$fcaa0500$ XXXX@XXXXX.COM ... >> I'm only curious since I'm very new here... I've seen some >> messages mentioned that sells illegal >> materials. How do you know it's illegal? > > >. >
  • 3. HTML Help 2
    Hello! I was wondering, do you have to know anything about developing help systems with Html Help 2 for exam 70-316? Kalani glosses over it in the Que book, but I didn't want to spend the time learning an all new help system right before I'm about to take the exam if Html Help 1.3 is all that would be covered. Thanks! -Brian
  • 4. newbie: certificate
    hello, yesterday i have pasted my first exam (70-316) and got score report. now i wonder, when and how (by mail or email or ???) do i get my mcp number, is there any certificate in paper form and what does welcome kit include ? thanks

MCAD info

Postby Wilbur » Thu, 04 Mar 2004 06:27:16 GMT

Could any one please give me some details regarding 
training for MCAD and where in india is the training 
imparted and some good books for Visual C# so that i could 
practice C#.

Please recommend some good books for C#. Last but not the 
least am frm Ahmedabad now is there any institution which 
imparts training for MCAD/MCSD or papers 70-315,70-316 

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