MCAD now! Selling my books


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  • 1. is an ADO.NET book required for 70-315?
    I'm using the Kilani book for the 315 exam, but I've heard from several places that I should buy the ADO.NET book by Sceppa. How essential is this? Wouldn't I be better just to focus on the key areas of ADO that are covered by the exam and us MSDN for the bits the book doesn't explain enough? Otherwise it's >1500 pages of content for a single exam. Cheers
  • 2. VB.Net or C#.Net ???
    VB.Net or C#.Net ??? Which has good scope in near future ???
  • 3. MCAD Aspirant
    Hi! This is Sukhdeep from India, I have keen interest in MCAD but not getting the right way to acheive it, plz let me know where in India i can get trainging for MCAD ( around Delhi or Chandigarh). Can i take MCAD exams only preparing at home or Centre is must ??? Thnaks Regards
  • 4. Combination
    Hello all I'm an MCP and planning to finish my track to get MCAD soon. However I also would love to have MCDBA. I was wondering if this should be a good combination: MCSD/MCDBA Are there any other good combinations? Please recommend me.
  • 5. Help Needed 70-306
    hi... i like to get some suggestions regarding abt the 70-306 exams n yes mainly abt the best book n question nos. n duration of the exam. Hope every certified can help me out my request. wth regards, s.n

MCAD now! Selling my books

Postby WereWolf » Mon, 20 Sep 2004 17:21:51 GMT

Hi everybody!

Last friday i passed my third exam. I finally got my MCAD certification :)

As i think i will no more be using them, i am selling my books on ebay, 
hoping they will be more useful to somebody else who's trying to get 

If you are looking for MS Self-Paced training kits, search for item number 
6928108193. They are for exams 70-306/316 (2nd ed) and 70-310/320 (1st ed), 
both in English, both with CD (e-book and test simulations), both with 
60days trial VS.NET Pro 2003 on DVD (never installed).

Good luck to anybody studying for certification!!


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