MCP Certification


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  • 1. Cerebrus, help me
    hi cerebrus, i have send my all queries on your e-mail address. please sort them out & answer me as soon as possible. thanks sandeep
  • 2. How long for Transcript to update?
    Folks, I am hoping that someone might be able to help me here. I passed my final exam for MCAD yesterday, I actually have: 70-300 70-315 70-316 70-320 (I know I don't need 300 for MCAD) Anyway, my transcript has updated and now shows that I have passed the exam, but it still only shows me as MCP. The certification planner shows me as having fulfilled MCAD so I am wondering what is going on. I am guessing that maybe they have some batch process that runs that will update that part but I just wondered if anyone has a firm idea. Thanks, Neil
  • 3. Path for the destination of MCAD
    Hi everybody, I am, a resident of India, brand new to this certification. After doing MCA, I have no job experience & working on VS.NET 2002 & .NET Framework 1.0 at home. My language which I use for server-side programming is VB.NET. Now, I am looking to earn MCAD through one of the following paths :- 1. Exams 70-310, 70-305, 70-306 2. Exams 70-310, 70-305, 70-229 3. Exams 70-310,70-306, 70-229 4. Exams 70-310, 70-305, 70-431(New) 5. Exams 70-310, 70-306, 70-431(New) Now, there are the following doubts which are arising in my mind :- Are the above said paths for earning MCAD valid? Please tell me on the basis of all possible factors that Should I include exam of back-end SQL SERVER in the course of MCAD? If yes, then which one I should go for : 70-229 or 70-431? If it is 70-431, considering the usage & knowledge of 2002 & .net framework 1.0, Can I properly learn SQL SERVER 2005 (exam 70-431) or would I have to upgrade? On the basis of above discussion, finally what should be the right path for me acc. to you to be an MCAD in the quickest & easiest way? Thank you for your time. Rahul

MCP Certification

Postby anja » Thu, 24 Aug 2006 22:58:25 GMT

Hello all,
I would want to give the MCTS (70-431) exam.
I wanted to know if it were valid for the MCP.


RE: MCP Certification

Postby Q2FybG9zIENhbWFjaG8 » Sat, 02 Sep 2006 01:43:02 GMT

Yes. When you passed the 70-431, you became a Microsoft Certified Professional.

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