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  • 1. debugging applications using 2002
    kiran wrote: > I am trying to debug an ASP.NET web application in Visual Studio.NET > 2002 but I am getting error as "Error while trying to run this > project. Unable to start debuggin on the web server. Catastrophic > failure. Would you like to disable future attempts.....". > > I added ASPNET as Debugger user group and VS developers group. I made > sure debug attribute is true in web.config file in the web > application. I also made change in the machine .config file in > <process model> tag for user=SYSTEM but still I am getting this > error. I tried to attach the debug processes but in the Debug menu > when I select processes It says process can not be displayed error. > Why is this so? I installed IIS before installing VS.NET 2002. Please > help me solve this problem. > Check that Internet Exploder isn't working in "Off line" mode.
  • 2. Valid combination?
    I was wondering if this is a valid combination for getting MCAD.NET: - 70-315 - 70-316 - 70-320 The Microsoft MCAD site suggested that this is valid (from what I can see anyway). But the Kalani book seems to be saying that if I take 70-315, I should take 70-306 not 316. Can anyone clear me up on this? Thank you
  • 3. Amit Kalami's 70-320 overlaps 70-315 a lot
    Hi guys: I have just passed the 70-315 and am preparing for the 70- 320 test now. I found that the Amit Kalami's 70-320 book duplicates many topics that have already been covered in his 70-315 book? So could someone with experiences in both tests confirm that his 70-320 book does cover all the testing materials? Thanks a lot for your help! Jessica
  • 4. 70-306 Computer based training CD?
    I was going to go with Mike Gunderloy's book and also some Computer Based Training software. Does anyone know any good software for course 70-306 (Developing and Implementing Windows-Based Applications with Visual Basic.NET and Visual Studio.NET )

MCPs per Region/City

Postby ZWIyNA » Thu, 15 Jan 2004 05:21:13 GMT

Is there any way that Microsoft can supply me with how many people in my City/Region have certain certifications such as MCSD.NET and MCAD?  I would like to know so I can make the argument to my boss and company


Re: MCPs per Region/City

Postby Eric » Thu, 15 Jan 2004 06:51:46 GMT

The MCP Magazine web site has a voluntary registration DB that lets
MCPs enter their data if they want to.

Go here and select MCP database on the left.

NOTE: This normally works, but it seems to be down right now. I
normally see hundreds of entires for my city, but it doesn't show any
right now.


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