Mike Gunderloy's e-book


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  • 1. mcad with asp.net 2 ?
    can smbdy tell me if the current exams are going to retire after asp.net 2.0 and the new framework will be released soon ?
  • 2. comb. for mcad (c#)
    hello, i'm planning to take 70-315, 70-320, and 70-229. because i used to VC and asp, i want to try these stuff. anybody recommend? thanks.
  • 3. are all the questions for MCAD mc?
    Hi all, i know this is a stupid question, but I am just wondering what type of the questions will be in MCAD exams? Multiple choice questions? or there's some codings we have to do? and I want to know about the difficulty level too.. since I don't think i have enough money to retake them.. thank you Ben
  • 4. learn .NET?
    I am a recent graduate. It's hard to find a job so I have started to learn .NET. My course work emphasized object oriented languages such as C++ and Java. I want to get my MCAD hoping it will land me a nice job. Even though I don't have any work experience with .NET, is it a good idea to get MCAD certification? Any feedback is gretly appreciated. Thanx in advance. Pram

Mike Gunderloy's e-book

Postby Gaurav » Fri, 11 Feb 2005 23:20:00 GMT

I am need of e-book of MCAD book by Mike Gunderloy. If 
anybody is having this please mail me at 
 XXXX@XXXXX.COM  IS there any indian edition 
available as other edition is very costly.

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