MS Press 70-306 Book


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  • 1. previous questions in exam 70-316.
    is there any availability of getting the previous questions in exam 70-316. plz suggest ur ideas. thnks dileep
  • 2. e-learning courses for exam 70-536
    I am considering using Microsoft's e-learning courses to prepare for exam 70-536. Considering the amount of money involved, are these course generally considered to be worthwhile? Will I need to study other resources to pass the test or are these courses comprehensive enough on their own?
  • 3. exam 70-536 book
    Can anyone recommend any good books or learning material to help me study for the exam? Any books/resources other then MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-536): Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Application Development Foundation. From what I've read so far here on this and amazon, and and even talking to some that purchased this, its pretty much a waiste of money. So what other resources out there can I use to study?
  • 4. Suggestion Required!
    I passed my 70-315 exam yesterday. I also have cleared 70-316 couple of months back. As now there are new series of MS exams out and I have the following choice. Could you recommend which one should I go for. I'm more diverted towards SQL Server 2005 or BizTalk Server 2006. 70-431: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - Implementation and Maintenence 70-536 Microsoft .net Framework 2.0 Application Development Foundation 70-551 Upgrade: MCAD skills to MCPD Web Developer by using Microsoft .net framework 70-552 Upgrade: MCAD skills to MCPD Windows Developer by using Microsoft .net framework 70-553 Upgrade: MCSD Microsoft .net skills to MCPD Enterprise Application Developer by using the Microsoft .net framework Part 1 70-235: Developing Business Process and Integration solutions using Mirosoft BizTalk Server 2006

MS Press 70-306 Book

Postby Poorman » Mon, 17 Jan 2005 15:55:04 GMT

Hi all professional:

After I study whole book of MS-Press MCAD 70-306, then I 
doing the practice exam. I found that many things is not 
cover in the book!!!!!

I am very disappointed about this "MS Press MCAD 70-306" 
book! It only can help me to ask 30% exam question! But 
the exam need 70% to pass! That mean I am absolutly fail 
in exam! That waste me about 3 month to study and 
memorize the things!!!!!

Then I searching in internet I found 2 book, 

MCAD Developing and Implementing Windows-based 
Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and 
Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Exam Cram 2 (Exam Cram 70-
By Kalani Kirk Hausman 
MCAD/MCSD Training Guide (70-306): Developing and 
Implementing Windows-Based Applications with Visual 
Basic.NET and Visual Studio.NET 
By Mike Gunderloy

Can anyone suggest which book is better? And also is this 
better than "MS press 70-306" book?

MS Press 70-306 Book

Postby anonymous » Tue, 18 Jan 2005 13:02:57 GMT

I use McGrawHill Press's exam guide with MSDN documents 
that these documents are recommended by my assessment on 
Microsoft learning website and I will take the 70-306 
exam at the end of Jan. i think these references are 
enough for me to study.

MS Press 70-306 Book

Postby Poorman » Tue, 18 Jan 2005 22:52:14 GMT

Can you tell me what is your book name?

MS Press 70-306 Book

Postby Tom » Sat, 22 Jan 2005 19:12:06 GMT


I am working with the book from Kirk Hausman.
For me it is very good. not to much details. 
But i must also say, i work a lot with
so i don't want to study to many basics

good luck

MS Press 70-306 Book

Postby Serge calderara » Sun, 23 Jan 2005 01:38:03 GMT


I am also preparaing my exam for 70-306.
How did you organise you self to cover all requirements, 
especially on topics because if you need to understand you 
need to create a real application and be able to deploy it 
in different scnenario.

I will be interesting to know how you organise your work 
that will help me too 

thnaks regards

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