MS2310 & MS2389 Courses?


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    Hi Everybody, I am new at this group/forum. I am a .Net Programmer from Manila, Philippines. I like to ask anyone who can help me how to use mySQL database in programming Visual Studio .Net Smart Device Application (.Net Compact Framework). Specific question is it seems the System.Data namespace at this application does not have the ODBC or OleDB namespace classes/objects. It offers only for MS SQL CE. How can I go around this to be able to access and do data processing with mySQL with .Net Compact Framework? Thanks den 2005 -- MCP Year 2005, Philippines -- MCP Year 2005, Philippines
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    Just passed 70-316 today with 881 points. This really was an exam with a lot of mistakes in it. Example: What is the most efficient way to instantiate your Contact class? A) Object contact = new Object(); B) Contact contact = new Contact; C) Contact contact = new Object; D) Object contact = new Contact; I choose B, but it is quite confusing when the syntax is misspelled. Actually I should choose A because of the syntax error, but I didn't....
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    Hi everybody Does anybody know about 2310 course? Is it worth taking for 70-315 exam? I already have a Kalani book but first I'm planing to go through this course. Is it good decision or should I first study the book? And one more question - is Kalani's book enough for the exam or should I also get MS press? Whaiting for your replies. Regards
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    Stick with the Web and Windows exams, 70-229 is difficult in the sense that you have to memorize entirely new syntax, terminalogy, methodology. Alot of the information you have to know would be good for a DBA but less useful for a developer. The exent of SQL i anticipate having to know on the job involves stored procedures, not triggers, cursors, user defined fuctions, etc... Alot of that can be replicated through a web front end. Just my humble opinion, feel free to disagree =) However, the one advantage to taking this test is that you are 1/2 way to an MCDBA if you also pass one the Web or windows core exams.

MS2310 & MS2389 Courses?

Postby Shane » Fri, 28 May 2004 18:19:56 GMT

Has anyone got any experience with the courses below and 
are they suitable for C#? 

MS2310 Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Web Applications 
using Visual Studio.NET(5 days) 
MS2389 Programming Microsoft ADO.NET(3 days) 

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