New exams for Whidbey and C#/ASP.NET 2.0


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  • 1. Need to Upgarade MCAD Certification
    I'm MCAD certified.I want Upgarade my skill set. What Exams should I take and How any and what are the Exam Numbers. Thanks!
  • 2. Certification Progression
    I have been trying to get skill upgraded for three + years after a three year illness and recovery. A legacy(cobol, etc) programmer since 1970, after my recovery from surgery no one would hire me in IT. My last employer(wamu) had a lower position programming position I interviewed for and after 3 levels of management said I would start the following week, HR shot me down without a reason. after a year of interviewing, applying and rejection, a manager finally said that with my medical history, age and out of work for so long, not many would want even a seasoned programmer. I think that if I upgraded my skills to include .net app development, I could be more marketable in the legacy areana and current IT. I know jobs are tight but i would at least be able to contract. Ive missed several jobs because i was not MS Certified. My question is, does mcad make sense or should i go for mcsd or mcpd or what? since the funding is now availible? Please give your honest opinions in response about training and job possibilities. you are the ones already there where i want to be. thanks BJ -- Legacy Programmer trying to upgrade to .net
  • 3. Is VC++ Certification available?
    Hi All, I think this question may be asked already, but i didnot find the relevent answer to my question. Please any one tell, whether any certifications are available for the C,C++ and VC++. After I read some of the threads which are available in the site I understood that, there are no certifications available now for these things. Is this is correct? If it is not available we need to go for C#? I didnot know much about C#? can anyone advice? Thanks in advance. -- Geetha Rani Programmer Analyst
  • 4. PrepLogic book by Gunderloy
    Just a question on a 70-310 lab. This is a longshot if anyone is using this book. I'm studying 70-305 currently but I'm looking at an old lab on page 912 of the 70-310 book which is a lab about adding data to a database through an .aspx form with textboxes and a submit button. Just wondering if anyone was familiar with this one. Several things are stumping me on this one. Thanks!

New exams for Whidbey and C#/ASP.NET 2.0

Postby Jose Manners » Thu, 27 May 2004 01:44:50 GMT

Hi, does anybody know if Microsoft is going to come up 
with new versions of the current MCAD/MCSD exams when they 
release the next version of C#/ASP next year?

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

New exams for Whidbey and C#/ASP.NET 2.0

Postby Shane » Fri, 28 May 2004 18:09:06 GMT

There's a discussion of your question here



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