what tests i need to pass for mcad


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  • 1. MSDN subscriptons
    Hi, Anyone know if an MSDN subscription bought in the US will work in the UK? Is there any difference between the UK and US software and if you register a US subscription in the UK do you get UK software? Cheers, Jon
  • 2. 70-305 Exam related
    This message is for shrin, if u can mail me back regarding the exam it would be of great help...we need to know few more tips. thanks ashok
  • 3. question from mike gunderloy's 70-305
    Hi, Could someone explain the example on "using Code-behind with precompiling" (page 68 on que certification 70-305 training guide by Mike gunderloy) the code calls for using the following command to be used in visual studio.net command prompt inorder to compile the code-behind file (TemperatureCB.vb) the code goes like this.. vbc /t:library /r:c:\WINNT\Microsoft.net\Framework\v1.0.370 5\system.dll /r:c:\Wiint\Microsoft.net\Framework\v1.0.3705 \system.web.dll/out:bin\305c01.dll TemperatuerCB.vb Not able to follow the above code.. Any explanation is appreciated.. -om
  • 4. VB.NET for Web forms - 70-305
    I have been looking through the news lines here for info on some books for the VB 70-305 Everything seems to be MS Self Paced or the Que books like Gunderloys. I see that for C# that Amit Kalani's book is well respected and the MS Press 'Programming Visual Basic .NET' by Francesco Balena. (I see a comment by some as to the size of a book - this one is a whopping 1500+ pages - bigger than Balena's). Can anyone recommend a book especially like either of the two above but for WEB apps and ASP.NET? I just passed 70-306 yesterday - phew. Does anyone know the max score? And by the way - MS is now telling you what your score was and I thought they wouldn't. Thanks, Don
  • 5. Amit Kalani book for 70-316
    I noticed Amit Kalani is author of two books for the windows c# exam, which one is better, the one published by ExamCram2 ( ISBN 0789729024 ) or the Que book ( ISBN 0789728230 ) ? Thanks.

what tests i need to pass for mcad

Postby gigs » Sat, 28 Feb 2009 21:16:00 GMT


I have pass 70-215, what else i need to pass to get MCAD certificate?
If want to go to this tests: 70-229, 70-320, 70-340, will that be enough 
to get MCAD?


RE: what tests i need to pass for mcad

Postby Sm9obiBDYXJyeQ » Sat, 09 May 2009 00:00:01 GMT

Yes, That will be enough. You will find study material for MCAD exams at 

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