Now and Later What Language will use?????


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  • 1. Books for Vb.NET 70-315
    Hi everyone I am preparing for Webapplications using VB.NET.i read all MS Press Books! is that sufficiant or do i need to read any books else. Help Me Out ThankYou Sekhar
  • 2. New exam format (PLEASE response asap)
    Has anyone seen the new exam format appearing in the actual exams recently? The new format includes Trees, Simulations, Drag & Drop, etc. Or, the exams are still in the format of multiple choice problems? Please let me know asap. I am trying to take the exam (316) next week and just looked at the new format and do not like it at all. It is very confusing, etc. Thanks for your immediate response. Ben
  • 3. web applications
    Hello, I am a VB6 user and I just got a copy of and I've decided to start studying for .Net certifications, starting off with exam 70-305. When I try to start a new web application through, it asks for me to connect to a server. I do not know what I am supposed to put there, so it won't let me start with a new project. I tried working offline, but that option is "greyed-out".. Anyone have any ideas why I can't create a new project? Thanks, Steve
  • 4. Exam 70-316 - DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK
    Hello everyone, "Programming Windows with C#" by Charles Petzold is the worst book for exam 70-316 that I've seen. Please save your time and money, buy any book except this one. Good luck, Peter
  • 5. Another Book Question
    Hi All, I started the following book, Developing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual C# .NET eBook, using VB.NET 2002, then I got VB.NET 2003, I didn't study for a while [ :-( ]. As I hadn't touch the book for a while I decided to start again. This time using VB.NET 2003. The first two examples/walkthrough's I can't get working.... I've gone though them with a fine tooth comb and can't find anything wrong with them. When I did the examples/walkthough's in VB.NET 2002 they both worked first time. I've e-mailed MS-PRESS but as of yet I haven't heard anything. Any one else had any problems similar to this, or is it just me? I have thought of reinstalling VB.NET 2002 to see if the work....this just seems a little backward! Could it be anything to do with FW1.0/1.1? Thanks in advance. Wayne Taylor

Now and Later What Language will use?????

Postby Aung Myat Khaing » Fri, 28 May 2004 11:57:03 GMT

Please tell me about Language. In next Enterprise IT 
Solution What language will use????????
Now What Language is better????
In C# or VB.Net

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