Number of Questions


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  • 1. Is it possible to take MCAD without 1year stage?
    Is it possible to take MCAD exams and certificate without oficcial 1-year stage? I have learned all neccecary skills in making solutions as a hobby and sometimes unoficcial jobs. Is it strictly defined that I need to work for a year?
  • 2. ASP 2.0
    Does anybody know how the arrival of ASP 2.0 will affect the Web Applications exam. There are supposed to be some significant changes so will the exam content change to reflect this? Thanks Tom
  • 3. Some questions about MCAD exam, plz help
    I decided to take the MCAD exam and I begin to prepare for it and my path will be 70-316 -> 70-315 -> 70-320 I have some question about this exam 1. Which one of the site to register the exam is better? pearson or prometric? 2. Usually how long to prepare for 1 exam if I'm not very experienced? 3. If I register now, when will the exam hold? 4. Is the books recommended by msdn enough if I self learn? 5. Any good book for prepare for the exam? I saw from previous threads that Amit Kalani, Priti Kalani's book and Gunderloy Mike's book is good. 6. Is my exam path good? Should I take 70-320 in the middle? could anyone kindly help me? Thank you very much!

Number of Questions

Postby cassiemaps » Thu, 27 Apr 2006 06:13:00 GMT

How many questions are there typically on the 305 exam?

Re: Number of Questions

Postby racniro » Fri, 28 Apr 2006 12:30:05 GMT

it depends on time to time we can take the average as 40

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