Passed 3rd MCAD exam - conclusion


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  • 1. Recommend a good book for 070-229 ( SQL server 2000)
    Can someone recommend a good book for the 070-229 ( SQL server 2000). Thanks, Audrey
  • 2. Need companion CD for Amit Kalani's book.
    Hello folks!! I am studying for Exam 70-316 and I am using Amit Kalani's book "MCAD/MCSD Developing and implementing Windows-based Applications with Visual C#.Net and Visual Studio.Net" and i've lost the CD for tht book :( I need the CD for the code and the practice exams. I live in Chicago and I am ready to post you guys a blank CD with whatever the postage will take. I am wondering if somebody can burn me a copy of the companion CD for 70- 316 Amit Kalani's book... Once again, I'll provide a blank CD as well as whatever the postage will take... I'll really appreciate your help. Please reply me ASAP. Thanks in advance. Neel.
  • 3. Doing MCAD, VB.NET or C# path?
    I'm using VB.NET at work (with SQL Server), should I cover all my bases by doing MCAD exams with the C# path? I know they are largely interchangeable with mainly syntax differences but I'm looking ahead to when (and if!) I've passed the exams and want to maybe change jobs. Also, I've seen a lot of courseware online available at whopping great prices. I'm not sure if its worth purchasing any of this stuff (I'm not going to do taught courses). Is it enough to get through with the books Microsoft recommends? I intend to do a "project" in my own time which takes account of all of the skills required by the exams (to keep my learning in context). Finally, in the general case, does taking you MCAD improve your carreer opportunities? I would like to go into contracting (in the UK). Thanks for any advice/help you can give me. Robin
  • 4. Que book 70-306
    Using the large Que book we all know and love Here is where I am at. Done list: Book read, chapt test taken missed questions reviewed and understood Final test in back and missed 20 out of 75. Just 2 short of recomended amount. Reviewed, understood and review again missed questions on final test. Currently taking CD exam in book and getting totally hammered. Its like a different test for me, very heavy on actual code. Plan to do: I have found some of the books programming examples to actually not be that well written. But I do plan to create an assembly, deployment program, help files, advanced data connection and the like. Then take test. My question I guess is that if these questions on the CD are prooving to be hard for me becuase they involve material not really in the book would I be better served to read a book on VB.Net itself for just concentrate on all aspects of those questions. By the time I am done with just this book I will be able to recall 356 questions! which I would think would cover a great deal of the exam

Passed 3rd MCAD exam - conclusion

Postby Francis » Sun, 27 Feb 2005 04:32:35 GMT


I just passed the 3rd exam for MCAD. Here's my report:

-  Nov 2004: passed 70-305 with 848,
    prepared with Mike Gunderloys book (QUE)
This book is great: full coverage (as I can judge),
precise and clear explanations.

-  Two days ago: passed 70-306 with 850,
    prepared with MS Press Original Training (in German)
This resource prepared me well. IMHO, it is just a bit
too verbose, but it's good stuff.

-  Today: passed 70-310 with 820,
    prepared with Kenneth Linds book (Osborne)
This book is astonishing bad. During preparation
I repeatedly felt it "too easy" and today's exam
committed this: there were so many things asked,
that the book did not mention at all!
But, I did not know that much about these exam's
topics and passed using the book after one and a
half day preparation. So, it can't be that bad.
Before the exam, i attended the test exam of the
book-CD and failed with a score of just 550!


Passed 3rd MCAD exam - conclusion

Postby sreejatha » Fri, 11 Mar 2005 04:21:29 GMT


How many papers we need to write to  take MCAD.
I am confused in reading  this from the site,

"If you use Exam 70-305 or 70-315 to satisfy the core 
exam requirement, you may use either Exam 70-306 or 70-
316 as an elective. 

If you use Exam 70-306 or 70-316 to satisfy the core exam 
requirement, you may use either Exam 70-305 or 70-315 as 
an elective."

Is 70-305, 70-306,and 70-310 will make a path.

Please Advice.
Thank You,

Re: Passed 3rd MCAD exam - conclusion

Postby Emanuel Ceciu [MCT] » Fri, 11 Mar 2005 16:04:36 GMT

Yes. If you pass those exams you will get MCAD.
You can check more here:

Emanuel Ceciu

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