passed 70-306 today


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  • 1. MCAD Resources and advice. help please?
    Hello everyone, I am a third year student working towards a 4 year bachelors degree in computer science. I am very comfortable programming in C/C++ and Java and have some experience working with JSP, JDBC, XML etc. I have now decided to become an MCAD before I grdauate from University. I am aiming for a 6-9 month timeframe. I have however, never worked in the .NET environment before. I intend to take the C# on windows exam first. is this reasonable? am i aiming too high/low? also, what is the best material to study for this? right now im reading the oreilly book on C#. I'm a poor student and the materials are expensive. Ive heard about "amit kalani's book". If any of you have this book or other resources (books//guides/exams) in electronic format it could be awesome if you could send them to me. I promise ill make a torrent out of them and make them available on the bittorrent network. that way more people will be helped. thank you once again. you can send me the resources at arpitguglani [at] hotmail [dot] com
  • 2. MS Press Book for 70-306, waste my time to study!
    Hi all professional: After I study whole book of MS-Press MCAD 70-306, then I doing the practice exam. I found that many things is not cover in the book!!!!! I am very disappointed about this "MS Press MCAD 70-306" book! It only can help me to ask 30% exam question! But the exam need 70% to pass! That mean I am absolutly fail in exam! That waste me about 3 month to study and memorize the things!!!!! Then I searching in internet I found 2 book, ----------------------------------------------------- MCAD Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Exam Cram 2 (Exam Cram 70- 306) By Kalani Kirk Hausman ----------------------------------------------------- MCAD/MCSD Training Guide (70-306): Developing and Implementing Windows-Based Applications with Visual Basic.NET and Visual Studio.NET By Mike Gunderloy ----------------------------------------------------- Can anyone suggest which book is better? And also is this better than "MS press 70-306" book?
  • 3. exam order?
    Is there a particular order one should take the exams. I'm not completely understanding how microsoft has it laid out. Anyone have a good explanation please?
  • 4. Multiple Answers
    Is multiple answers of a single question in MCAD exams a common thing?

passed 70-306 today

Postby Bob » Wed, 09 Jun 2004 15:18:03 GMT

Passed 305 a little over a week ago, and 306 today. I 
thought it was a little harder, but I scored better. Maybe 
I just forgot how hard the first one was. for this test I 
used the MSPress book by Matthew A Stoecker. It was okay. 
It explained a few things very well that I had not seen 
explained well before. However, it was very light on 
examples and exercises and test questions.
On the exam itself, I was surprised by some of the 
security questions. I would recommend you know that stuff 
pretty well. I was also surprised by a question that 
seemed to me to be almost completely non-VB/non-VS. The 
question was about a fairly obscure SQL server feature in 
a stored procedure. I thought it was unfair on this test. 
Oh well, I passed.

passed 70-306 today

Postby valko » Tue, 14 Sep 2004 17:31:37 GMT

Hi guys,

I just passed with 750 score 70-306 today: 38 questions for 180 minutes - I
do not had nerves I use only 45 minutes for that, note that it is very
important how exactly you pass the exam, the best strategy I know is on
first pass to answer ONLY questions you are 100% sure, mark others for
Review, then do not worry you can answer them after last question, they will
show you option to review marked questions and to answer them, note also
that on many cases you see hint for answering on some hard question on next
ones! So please do not do it like me - take your time, and answer carefully,
and also read questions very carefully, sometimes one word is a key and
changes totally right answer.

Anyway I study from Microsoft's MCAD/MCSD Self-Paced Training Kit: Microsoft
.NET Core Requirements, Exams 70-305, 70-315, 70-306, 70-316, 70-310,
70-320, and 70-300

test included in kit has absolutely the same structure, look and feel like
real exam, which prepare me very well for the exam. In fact on exam today
there was about 3 questions absolutely the same like in training kit, why I
am not surprised ;-)

I try many training tests from different vendors including Transcender, but
somehow I do not like all them, and stop messing up with them (finally it
appears that I am right) - just learn from kit and from Sybex press
MCAD/MCSD: Visual Basic.NET Windowsand Web Applications Study Guide and
of course learn A LOT from msdn - it take me 1 week to prepare, but I do
not do any exercises, because I anyway work with .NET from past 2 years.

I see a lot of references here for many books, but I really doubt that you
can get more valuable source then msdn and from MCAD/MCSD Self-Paced
Training Kit, after all it is Microsoft's exam, but only if you are not new
to that, otherwise you must learn all concepts from other sources,
definitely not from bootcamp. again best source for me is msdn:

good luck to all

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