Passed 70-306 today!


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    Hi all, I have a question which is confusing me right now. If i write 70-315, 70-306, and 70-320, am i eligible for a MCAD certification? Pls respond immediately. Thanks a bunch
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    Will Microsoft stop offering the MCAD exams when the VS2005 exams are released? In other words, if I pass 2 of 3 MCAD exams and the VS2005 exams arrive, will I have a chance to take the 3rd? Thanks, Nate
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    Hello, I am preparing for exam 70-305. I passed 70-306 a few years ago and was wondering if the test format has changed since then. I know they were talking about adding simulation type questions. Has anyone taken 70-305 recently? If so, did you have regular multiple choice questions or simulation type questions. Thanks in advance for your help! -- Nick Wegner MCP
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    Hello All, I am working toward my MCAD and already completed 70-316 and planning to take 70-229 in two weeks. I am looking forward for help about how to tackle this exam. Currently I am studying Microsoft Press book SQL Server 2000 Database Design and Implementaion. Is this book enough or I should read some other books ? I am a developer so I have some experience in writing queries, store procedure but not database administering skills, how much knowledge I need in database administration area ? Thanks. eSAMAJ

Passed 70-306 today!

Postby Nick Wegner » Wed, 19 Nov 2003 07:00:50 GMT

I just passed 70-306 today.  

Study Materials:

Microsoft Press MCAD/MCSD Training Kit for 70-306
Microsoft Press ADO.NET Step by Step

Also, I downloaded the Visual Basic.NET Resource Kit and 
went through it. 

Basically, you need to understand all the material in the 
above books and go through MSDN to get further details on 
topics not covered that well in the MS Press books.  Some 
areas that could use more info are (Security, Deployment, 
and upgrading from VB 6).  The practice questions in the 
MS Press books are not at all representitave of the exam 
questions.  The exam questions are much harder.  

Also, it is mandatory that you develop an app or two 
using VS.NET.  The best way to learn is by hands on 

Hope this helps!  Remeber though, this is how I did it.  
There are also other ways, so get more advice from other 
people who have passed the test.  Im sure there are 
better books out there!

Good Luck!

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