Passed 70-315 and 70-316!


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  • 1. where to get mock questions for exam 70316
    hai all i am preparing for 70316 exam..developing windows applications with visual c#.NET i had gone thr the MCAD/MCSD training kit and i all exercises given in the book.. i implented all the concepts given in this book practically with vs.NET . i have seen the quetions given in pratice cd along with book.. i realised that all i have read is not enough.. i am unable to guess the scope of exam.. do u any body suggest me the sites where i can get mock exam questions so that i get an idea about the exam.. thanks in advance..
  • 2. Registration
    Hi to all, can you guide me how to register for MCAD. I am from bangalore. Regards, Bhavesh
  • 3. Synchronizing 2 Processes to access a text file simultaneously
    Ho do I synchronize 2 different process one of which is driven by a thread, to access a text file, simultaneously ? Can any one help me on this issue ? Thanxs in advance.
  • 4. To start my MSAD_web application track
    I would like to post my question again. I am going to start my MSAD very soon. Since I have web application experience using VB.NET for last 6-8 months,I would go on web application track, which means I will take 70-305, followed by 70-310 and 70-330. Is it a good combination? I will self study.And and I feel with a book to start with is very important.I went through the message and I still can not get what is the most recommended book for the web applcation track using VB.NET and How long do I need to prepare my exam? 6month, is it practical? Really appreciate your advice by return. Regards.
  • 5. 70-315, 316 & 320 question pattern needed
    Hi, I am going to takeup 70-315, 316 & 320 exams... If you have any question pattern for these, please forward it to me..... Please help me friends..... Thanks in advance..... Thanks Sivakumar

Passed 70-315 and 70-316!

Postby Ymx1ZWxhc2Vy » Fri, 04 Feb 2005 10:25:01 GMT

Sorry group, had to announce it as i'm very happy! I prepared using solely 
examcram2. I passed 70-315 2 weeks ago with a low 772. I thought the paper 
was difficult. I took 70-316 yesterday and passed it with 900. For the 
latter, i did the preplogic preview exam and it was great! The answers were 
very tricky and that's when i learnt. I failed with 33% so i thought i'll 
fail in the actual exam but i got 900. Thank you Microsoft for making the 

RE: Passed 70-315 and 70-316!

Postby Ymx1ZWxhc2Vy » Fri, 04 Feb 2005 10:55:06 GMT

oh one more thing. I'm preparing to take my 70-320 exam. This time they don't 
have examcram2 books for that and i'm using the other amit kalani 
book(training guide by QUE). I hope it's a good source for preparation.

Re: Passed 70-315 and 70-316!

Postby andyhmcheung » Fri, 04 Feb 2005 17:44:20 GMT

great ~
good luck on the coming exam :)

Andy Cheung
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