passed 70-320


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  • 1. 70-316, Best practice exams???
    Just wondering what is the best practice exams for 70-316. I am using Transcender at the moment but people are saying that they are easier than real exam. Can someone who done that exam recently let me know his/her thoughts. Also practice exams that are coming with Kalani training guide are they any good (PrepLogic exams).
  • 2. Are exams tax deductable (in the US)?
    I don't know if this is the right place to ask for this, so please bare with me. My company is paying for the books for my MCAD certification, however not for the test. Is it possible to deduct the fees for the exam from my taxes. TIA. Andre
  • 3. Visual Studio 2005 & SQL Server 2005 Launch!
    The launch is today! Unfortunately I could not attend the event this evening, but wondering how well it turned out to be. I bet its a cracker!! Once everyone gets back, please give me and anyone else in the same position, any feeback from the event! - e.g. what they liked/disliked. -- MCAD.NET
  • 4. planning to take up exams next year
    hi, i am planning to take up mcad exam next year, as i hve not taken any of the exams before.i am starting with 315 exam... but i heard that microsoft is coming up with new certs.. so i am confused whether i hve to prepare for the mcad series what we had earlier or shall wait for the new certs to announce... plz help thanks Get
  • 5. Passed 70315
    Today I passed 70315 that score is 886 and became a MCP. Then I will prepare 70316 for my MCAD Certicate. Good luck every one! Let's make progress together!

Passed 70-320

Postby Vikram » Sun, 29 Feb 2004 23:58:48 GMT

Woo ! Feels good...passed 70-320 with 968....
57 questions total... :-)
I need to take 70-315 to become MCAD :))


Passed 70-320

Postby Simon » Mon, 01 Mar 2004 02:03:10 GMT

Congradulations Vikram! and good luck for 70-315.


passed 70-320

Postby chC » Mon, 13 Sep 2004 03:05:06 GMT

   Have completed MCAD requirements.

   Moving on to the MCSD .net certification.

   Some information that might be of interest:

   Textbooks: MCAD/MCSD Self Paced Training Kit;

   Practice test:;

   Others: get involved in .net related projects for 
practical knowledge. You'll never be bored!

Re: passed 70-320

Postby Hermit Dave » Mon, 13 Sep 2004 03:16:19 GMT

yeah i am using kalani's stuff... had to mess about but having work on help a lot with problems on IIS hosted objects. specially the ones
that connect to database. What do you reckon of the exam ? one of my mates
told me that be prepared to think hard...



Hermit Dave
( http://www.**--****.com/ )

Re: passed 70-320

Postby Frank Mamone » Mon, 13 Sep 2004 05:24:28 GMT

Congrats! How long did it take you?

- Frank

passed 70-320

Postby MSL » Tue, 14 Sep 2004 05:55:49 GMT

Congrats, How much Score u got ,
How much time u took for the preparation?


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