Passed 70-320 with a score of 952


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  • 1. .net discontinue
    I heard that Microsoft is going to stop development or support for .Net. Is that true? If it is, then going for the mcad is pointless.
  • 2. Exam Preparation Group, Material wanted for the MCAD --> MCPD Upgrade exams
    hello, yesterday i received invitations for 71-551 and 71-552 and registered them for first week in march. if anyone is interested in preparation exchange or simply has to give some good tips about prep. material, please dont be shy ;-) i thought about an IRC channel or something like that if there are a few interested people. greetings
  • 3. How can I get certification card from microsoft
    Hi, I passed MCAD test last year, but I still didn't receive the MCAD certification from Microsoft, can someone tell me How should I order it? Zhou
  • 4. 70-316 Good study guides
    Hi, I am preparing for my scheduled 70-316 exam v.soon. I currently have MCAD/MCSD.NET Que book by Amit Kalani which is absolutely fantastic. I also have C# 2nd Edition by Wrox Press which is good maybe a little too subject focused at times, but I know this book was not written with the intention of passing 70-316. Does anyone have any other good book recommendations that are designed for the above exam. I heard the MS Press books are crap, not sure how true this is though as I have never read any of them. I am particulay interested in books that cover more security related subject and a little more advanced features of ADO.NET but of course do not want to buy a door step book which just covers solid ADO.NET or .NET security! Many thanks Simon.

Passed 70-320 with a score of 952

Postby Death from Above » Sun, 29 Aug 2004 03:44:01 GMT

That makes me an MCAD.NET.  I passed 70-316, 70-315 and 70-320 in that
order.  I used Amit Kalani's books and MeasureUp practice exams.  I also had
work experience with all of the technologies which was a big help.

In my opinion, only hands on experience and a good study guide (like
Kalani's) are needed to pass the exams.  The MeasureUp practice exams were
useful in pointing out a few areas were I needed to study, but in the final
analysis they only served to improve my passing score.

Death from Above

Re: Passed 70-320 with a score of 952

Postby Frank Mamone » Sun, 29 Aug 2004 05:06:56 GMT


I'm using Kalanis book too.

Did you find that there were questions on topics not covered in Kalani's
book? If so, were those gaps filled in by measure up?

Do you think you would have passed using only the material in the book?




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