Preparing for MCAD.NET exams!!!


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  • 1. Re-Take Exams harder?
    Do they make exams you failed harder on subsequent re-takes? I ask because my first take on 70-306 had fewer questions then what I have been hearing people are getting. I had only 38 questions and 150 minutes. PLENTY of time to fail the test. I failed it in 90 minutes, I could have had all day it wouldn matter, more knowledge not more time was what I needed (or a help file)
  • 2. Starting MCAD
    I am about to start my MCAD, the first exam I will take will be 70-350 (Web Apps). Do i need to register with microsoft or anything before I begin. Or is it just a case of booking myself in for a test, and when I have passed all 3 microsoft will send me my MCAD cert. Sorry if this seems a bad question, but its not clear on the MS site and I dont want to have any hitches, after a lot of revision. Thanks in Advance!
  • 3. validity of 70-306
    hi, if the new version of .net2005 is released then is this certificate is going to be valid or should i take up the 70-306 test again?
  • 4. mcad starter
    hi i want to start out with an mcad certification, how long would it take to prepare and complete the curriculum ?

Preparing for MCAD.NET exams!!!

Postby SSD » Sat, 29 Jan 2005 09:28:24 GMT

I'm trying to get a MCAD.NET certificate. I have just started
and I would really appreciate any help or advice I could get. I would
like to find out:
How long is enough to prepare for this exam since I'm new to .NET and
never done any of Microsoft exams?
Will three months be enough to prepare for one of the core exams?
Which programming language has the most potential of finding job out
there in the industry, C# or VB.NET?
Where can I get past exam questions to help me prepare?
I would really appreciate for any advice.
Thank you very much.

Re: Preparing for MCAD.NET exams!!!

Postby comp_sci_kid » Thu, 17 Feb 2005 00:50:28 GMT

it is impossible to tell you how long it will take for you to prepare for
the it all depends on your individual capabilities.

c# programers tend to earn more money because there is a perception in the
industry that c# is a more difficult language.

check for preparation exams.  i've used them and they're

good luck

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