.net discontinue


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  • 1. Exam : 70 -305
    Hi, I am preparing for exam 70-305.I am using book by Mike Gunderloy.At present i am still with the book.Can somebody help me knowing what else i need to prepare for the exam I would really like to hear from friends who have already through with the exam.How is it?Is is difficult to pass the exam ?
  • 2. How to prepare for MCAD
    Hi Sharmila, I am planning to appear for MCAD exams. I am already a Computer Engg familiar with ASP and VB. I would like to know which core exam nos and elective exam no are suitable for me. I have no idea about .Net. As a beginner how should i start with. Which sites and books should i refer to. i don't have the.ent freamework installed on my PC. can i get a free version on the site where i can download from. Also not aware of what exactly is needed to install on PC.On Microsoft.com download link u have variety of .net stuff to download but what exactly i should download i don't understand i am bit confused. can u plz suggest me some good books and sites. Also i could get the Fee structure details of the MCAD exam Can u plz tell me the site name where i can get the fee details. plz help me. Thanks.
  • 3. Select Case vs switch
    Hi all Does anybody know if Microsoft is planning to introduce C#'s switch to evaluate expressions instead of constants, and to be able to do a switch on a range just like using the 'To' in VB's Select Case? This is really the only thing I've come across yet where I wish C# had something that VB.NET has.
  • 4. 70-316 and Whidbey
    I am currently preparing for 70-316 with A.Kalani's book. Whidbey is supposed to come up in 2004. Is 70-316 going to include immediatley all of the changes from Whidbey so I will have to start my preparation over again in case I don't pass the exam until then?

.net discontinue

Postby tslu69 » Sat, 14 Jan 2006 15:27:53 GMT

I heard that Microsoft is going to stop development or support for .Net. Is 
that true? If it is, then going for the mcad is pointless. 

RE: .net discontinue

Postby RWdnaGVhZA » Sun, 15 Jan 2006 06:55:05 GMT

No way,
However, it seems that M$ is pushing VB.net now, not C#.

Re: .net discontinue

Postby Vipul Patel » Mon, 16 Jan 2006 05:58:59 GMT

neither. .NET is integral part of next generation of Windows OS and hence it 
is here to stay..

But I would suggest that you focus on the new generation of certifications 
which will succeed MCAD.


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