Prometric Self Test Exams


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  • 1. debugging applications using 2002
    kiran wrote: > I am trying to debug an ASP.NET web application in Visual Studio.NET > 2002 but I am getting error as "Error while trying to run this > project. Unable to start debuggin on the web server. Catastrophic > failure. Would you like to disable future attempts.....". > > I added ASPNET as Debugger user group and VS developers group. I made > sure debug attribute is true in web.config file in the web > application. I also made change in the machine .config file in > <process model> tag for user=SYSTEM but still I am getting this > error. I tried to attach the debug processes but in the Debug menu > when I select processes It says process can not be displayed error. > Why is this so? I installed IIS before installing VS.NET 2002. Please > help me solve this problem. > Check that Internet Exploder isn't working in "Off line" mode.
  • 2. Valid combination?
    I was wondering if this is a valid combination for getting MCAD.NET: - 70-315 - 70-316 - 70-320 The Microsoft MCAD site suggested that this is valid (from what I can see anyway). But the Kalani book seems to be saying that if I take 70-315, I should take 70-306 not 316. Can anyone clear me up on this? Thank you
  • 3. Amit Kalami's 70-320 overlaps 70-315 a lot
    Hi guys: I have just passed the 70-315 and am preparing for the 70- 320 test now. I found that the Amit Kalami's 70-320 book duplicates many topics that have already been covered in his 70-315 book? So could someone with experiences in both tests confirm that his 70-320 book does cover all the testing materials? Thanks a lot for your help! Jessica
  • 4. 70-306 Computer based training CD?
    I was going to go with Mike Gunderloy's book and also some Computer Based Training software. Does anyone know any good software for course 70-306 (Developing and Implementing Windows-Based Applications with Visual Basic.NET and Visual Studio.NET )

Prometric Self Test Exams

Postby Niels » Wed, 19 Nov 2003 05:32:34 GMT

>Can anybody throw some light on the SelfTest exams that 

I did 70-305 this afternoon (and passed) and tried the 
SelfTest exams as well as the exams that came with the 
Self Paced training kit from MSPress. The SelfTest exams 
were nothing like the real exam. They were a lot harder - 
both in how the questions were asked as well as the 
answers you had to give.

The exam questions that came with the trainingkit were 
basically the questions I got in the real exam. There 
were even a few of them that I literally did in the 

I'm glad though - because in the SelfTest exams I never 
scored higher then 62% (even 36% this morning right 
before the real exam.... :X), while constantly scoring 
around the 72% in the MSPress exams. I finally passed 
with a score of 819 (my guess that that means 82%, but 
i'm not sure. Passingscore was 700.)

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