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  • 1. ms speech sdk 5.1
    Hello I want to learn to use speech sdk 5.1, but first of all I want to learn how much the sdk is succesfull I meant if it works when i said hello or a chinese or a french? Can any word in english be recognized from different sources(chinese, french, turk, italian bla bl I searched web for a while but i couldnt find much sources about it and also i want to learn which ASR technologies are used in speech sdk 5.1 If you have any link or paper, could you please help me
  • 2. wow.
    Wouldn't it be awesome if an 8th grader became and MCAD? ;)
  • 3. Need advice on exams
    Hi all, I have been developing ASP.NET & Windows apps quite extensively for the last two years. I have also utilised SQL Server 2000 technology quite extensively for those apps we've been developing. The language I have been using is C#. I'm planning to take on the 70-305,70-310 and 70-229 exams in about a month time. I haven't really had preparation for those exams apart from reading .NET general books. I know that those exams are in VB.NET, but I'd like to (as part of the certification process) to learn VB.NET as well, not just for the sake of the exams. I have the MSPress books for all three subjects, and I also have the TestKing practice tests. What I'd like to ask is: - Is it impossible to do what I'm planning to do (considering the time frame and unfamiliarity with the language), or it is actually possible to prepare for the exams within a month? - Would it be safer if I just take the C# exams (70-315, 70-320 and 70-229)? - Are those self-paced books from MS Press adequate for the preparation? Anyone, please give me advice.. Especially people who have passed the exams?
  • 4. Where to get Online Seminar for MCAD?
    Hallo! Where to get Online Seminar for MCAD? Are they cheaper as normal seminars? Please give me some hints. Thanks in advance George
  • 5. MCAD examx
    Hi, I have taken following exams: 1.320 - Developing XML Web Services and Server Components with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.305 - Developing and Implementing Web Applications with MicrosoftVisual Basic.NET and MicrosoftVisual Studio.NET Dec 03, 2003 Now I want to take 70-316 - Windows app with Is this combination valid MCAD combination? Thanks

Skillsoft e-learning

Postby Romeo » Sat, 16 Jul 2005 13:04:16 GMT


I have been a mainframe Cobol programmer for almost 7 years now.  I am
currently studying to get an MCAD certification(C#).  Recently, I
bought a Skillsoft MCSD.NET course from Seek Learning (in Australia).
The course cost me around AU$5000.

I've been doing the course for 2 weeks now and I am just overwhelmed at
the amount of material to study.  Just for the record, I don't think it
was good value for money.  I realized it would have been better for me
to buy the books and do the exercises.

Has anyone done the MCSD.NET course from Skillsoft?  Do you think it's
any good?

Also would anyone be able to give me some pointers on how to prepare
for 70-316?

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