Starting out


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  • 1. CanIDoIt?
    NC wrote: > What's that 60 days eval? > A lot of books come with a 60-day trial version of VS.Net It would be possible to do 70-315 and 70-320 in 60 days but it would be a bit of a mad charge :)
  • 2. Negative marking
    Thanks Eric, I took the exam and scored 936. >-----Original Message----- >pepsi wrote: > >> I am planning to give my 70-315 exam soon. I am curious to >> know if there is negative marking in these exams. >> >> Thanks > >No, they only give you points for the ones you answer right. They don't >take away points for wrong answers. >. >
  • 3. C# - C#.NET - Visual
    hi one book for C# is by wrox publication C# for the professional this book is really good and helps u lot. >-----Original Message----- >I want to learn with C#. So, first I thought, will >learn C#. When I went to the bookstore to buy a book, I >saw C#, C#.NET and Visual C#.NET. I was confused and >didn't know what to buy !!!! >IS there any difference between the three or all are same? >I figured C# when used in Visual studio is called Visual >C#.NET. Am I correct? >I am having Visual Studio.NET. Which book Do I have to buy >now????? >Any Advice greatly appreciated. >Thanks. >. >
  • 4. how tto sync pocket pc data with remote server
    please guide me how to sync my local data that reside on pocket pc (in xml format) with the remote server (SQL) thamks in advance padam jain

Starting out

Postby Peter » Sat, 30 Oct 2004 20:00:52 GMT

I am interested in getting into more of the development 
side of computing, at present i am a system engineer and 
i have quite often come across jobs where some sort of 
software develpment would be ideal. Can any one point me 
in a good direction to start off. What books should i 
purchase etc. Any help will be gratefully received

Thank you


Re: Starting out

Postby comp sci kid » Tue, 23 Nov 2004 06:01:08 GMT

there are hundreds of programming languages.  your request is a little
vague.  what kind of programming are you interested in?

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