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  • 1. MCAD or MCSE?
    Hello, Can anyone help me out of the jinx I am in? I am in a dilemma as to go for MCSE or MCAD? I have around 4 yrs exp in IT industry. I have programming experience in VB,ASP,DHTML,JAVASCRIPT and SQL. But now I want to go for a career advancement programme. Can anyone tell me which course i should opt for with some startup material? Best Regards Sandeep S Sahney.
  • 2. 70-320 Testking Questions. Plz help me!!
    I have finished reading the Microsoft press material. I need some practice test questions . If anyone as it please forward it to XXXX@XXXXX.COM . I can trade in for my Microsoft EBOOK. Thanks for your help!!
  • 3. Can any one know how the price for each exam in india for MCAD
    Hi, I am srihari.k working in visual soft technalogies Ltd.I want to get MCAD in .NET.kindly send me the details .And ALSO SEND DETAILS INFORMATION ON MCAD.I will be very thank full to u . Regard's, k.srihari
  • 4. news group more spesifc on Kalani
    Does anybody know if there is a news group more specific discussing Kalani's books' excersise, Q and A, etc.?
  • 5. SQL 7.0 - MCAD
    Hi, Does anyone know if the SQL 7.0 tests counts toward MCAD? I took them and got the MCDBA, but I don't see them listed under MCAD. Thanks

swingers wanted

Postby Jay Walters » Fri, 05 Dec 2003 12:47:32 GMT


As an MCSD, I've been dying to hook up with an MCSE or 

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