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  • 1. MSDN Integration Problems With VS 2003
    I am not able to integrate MSDN with Visual Studio 2003. I believe the cause of the problem is that I originally had Visual Studio 2005 installed and although I 'removed' it - some files and registry settings still exist that are causing problems. In addition, I cannot even get MSDN to execute outside of Visual Studio. I have tried both the July 2003 and the January 2006 versions of MSDN and still no luck. I would prefer not to re-image my Laptop due to the amount of re-configuration required. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • 2. study kits for 70-310
    Do you have any suggestions for study kits to take 70-310 exam. "Cerebrus" wrote: > > Balu wrote: > > > wanna do 70310 > > And I wanna do Liv Tyler. > >
  • 3. HowTo Practice what I have read?
    I'm planning on taking the 70-316 test and I wanted to know does anyone have any suggestions on how I should practice everything I learned since I do not do any development in my new job. thanks. BTW I'm use to learning new lang. by writing applications so I have a practicle skills using the lang. Any suggestions.
  • 4. Study Guides
    I've fallen short on my past two interviews because I lack .NET experience (I have an ASP, SQL, VB background). My current job does not use or have any need for .NET, so I need to get something on my resume in order to get me in the door. I understand experience is best, but in lieu of that, I want to add an MCAD certification to my resume. I don't just want to pass the exams, I want to get a nice understanding of vb.net. Do you have any suggestions for study kits / books that will: 1. Help me in self-training 2. Help prepare me for the 70-305, 70-310, and 70-229.
  • 5. Testking.co.uk study guides are all new and the best for all IT exams
    Testking.co.uk study guides are all new and the best for all IT exams with 100% passing guarantee

swingers wanted

Postby Jay Walters » Fri, 05 Dec 2003 12:47:32 GMT


As an MCSD, I've been dying to hook up with an MCSE or 

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