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  • 1. MCAD .NET & MCSD .NET
    Hi, If I have passed MSAD at version 1.1 of .NET and then take the extra exams for MCSD after version 2 of .NET is released will I still qualify for MCSD or will I have to retake the MCAD exams at version 2. Thanks, Pazza
  • 2. MCAD - VB Track
    I have recently started studying and working toward my MCAD. Before I found this group I had already bought MS VB.NET Step by Step, and I must say after reading it I can't believe I bought it. It was great for getting an understanding of how VB.NET works but not for learning how to actually apply the knowledge in the real world. Now I'm about to move on and work through Mike's book for 70-305 and from what I can tell so far it will be great. I have taken a VB.NET beginner's class at the local college and have been doing Windows apps using VB.NET for about 6 months now. After some research in the job market I'm not sure why anyone would study the Windows forms side of VB.NET. Unless maybe planning to go to work for a software company, everyone else appears to be running most applications thru a web browser. Anyone else done some job market research and found anything interesting to consider? I like doing windows apps but haven't found much out there for this. Thanks, Donna
  • 3. Just Passed 70-305
    Just passed 70-305 exam. Time allotted: 1:50 minutes Questions:43 Score:867 But i completed the exam in half hour, this is my first certification appearing for the first time, if you have good knowledge of the subject, the exam is a piece of cake. These are the books i followed: Mike's book from Que(best book - not just for certification but for asp.net in general). Preplogic exam: Way too tough questions, so dont panick if you dont get 100% in the exam., yea do panic if you dont get 70% :D Did go through MS press book for asp.net, its amazing to see that lot of questions in the actual exam popped up from the practice test that came with the kit. -VS

swingers wanted

Postby Jay Walters » Fri, 05 Dec 2003 12:47:32 GMT


As an MCSD, I've been dying to hook up with an MCSE or 

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