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  • 1. which came first?
    ...the chicken(exam) or the egg (..sperience)? Do you need a cert. to get into a related role, OR do you need to spend time in a role first, to gain the knowledge needed to get the cert? It's tough trying to study for an exam when you don't use the stuff in everyday work. Owen
  • 2. Can someone recommend ME a good for MCAD
    Can someone recommend ME a good for MCAD study.
  • 3. Mike Gunderloy book Que publisher Question
    Large Que publisher book for exam 70-306. Got all the questions in the book down cold including understanding just about every page in this book. HOWEVER, the prep logic CD practice test has questions that are radically different in my view. Are the exams closer to the book or closer to the Prep Logic CD or both? Prep Logic CD by the way is more programming itself in my view and covers topics hard to find in any of my books franckly
  • 4. About Exam 70-330
    Hello developing friends! I want to ask you all only one question. I'm about obtaining my MCAD here in Spain but I have noticed that the exam 70-330 does not appear in the spanish version of Microsoft MCAD Requirements. There only appear the 70-229, 70-230, 70-234 and the 305, 306, 315 or 316. In Microsoft's international web, in addition to those exams, appear the 70-330 and the 70-340 exams. I ask you if anyone knows if the 70-330 exam is valid or not, because I want to make that exam. Please, answer soon because I want to start studying! Thanks, friends!
  • 5. used Amit Kalani 70-315 book
    hey folks.. I want to prepare for 70-315 test. I am located in cleveland,ohio. If anyone who has already taken the test would like to lend me their prep book / i can buy it , do let me know about it. I am looking for Amit Kalani's book for C# and web applications VS.net Thanks B

test app

Postby Chuck Bowling » Sun, 22 May 2005 07:34:31 GMT

I'm writing a small app that will help me drill for the MCAD tests. Can 
someone tell me if they are all multiple choice?

Also, on the Q's where multiple answers are available is partial credit 
given for partially correct answers? 

test app

Postby anonymous » Mon, 23 May 2005 02:49:13 GMT

Yes all the questions are objective type

test app

Postby philadelphia76ers » Wed, 25 May 2005 22:47:46 GMT

yes all of them are multiple choice questions
even the partially correct answer you get the credits
for those you score right,execpt those you did'nt get 

MCAD tests. Can 
partial credit 

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