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  • 1. Need Info
    Please need some info. How much time did you take or spend on preparing ? How were the questions ? What else apart from a usual training book did u use for preparation ? Thanks. I am preparing for the same exam for a while.Just fealing will i feal short of preparation so ...! Thank u for your time ! >-----Original Message----- >Hi, > >I have completed 70-305. > I wish to do 70-320. >Suggest me which books is good for 70-320? > >. >
  • 2. Error message in Visual Studio.NET
    Shouldn't need to upgrade IIS, install the .NET Framework 1.1.
  • 3. Error while access sql in ASP.NET
    You need to identify that your dataAdapter is a new sqldataadapter, dsCustomers is a new dataset as well as give the datagrid a datasource I would suggest not dragging and dropping your ds as da instead declear them as global variables above the page_loa ie dim da as new SqldataAdapte dim ds as new datase dim cnn as new sqlconnection(--connection info-- Sub Page_Load( dim cmd as sqlcommand = cnn.createComman cmd.commandType = CommandType.Tex cmd.commandText = " Enter SQL here da.SelectCommand = cm da.fill(ds, "Customers" with datagri .datasource = d .datamember = "Costomers .databind( end wit end su By moving away from drag and drop you will have a better idea of how all the objects can be used together.
  • 4. Northwind database help!!
    I have MSDE with visual studio .NET , but i want Northwind database to read thru Amit Kalani's book . COuld anyone please help me get that northwind database file ? THanx Dhiren
  • 5. Is this combination valid
    Hi Guys Here is a quote from the book I am studying for 70-315 exam regarding MCAD requirements : "The one you can count as an elective is the exam from the opposite technology and language from the exam that you counted as a core exam. For example if you take C# Web Applications exam (70-315) as a core exam, you can take the Visual Basic.NET Windows based Applications exam." But as I read the requirements in microsoft site that didnt sound correct. From what I understood from ms site is that , once you take a core exam, you can take the opposing technology exam without regard to the language. If you take 2 exams that are from same technology but in different languages only one credit will be counted. Is that correct? So will 70-315,70-320 and 70-316 (as an elective) be a valid combination to earn MCAD? Thanks

test app

Postby Chuck Bowling » Sun, 22 May 2005 07:34:31 GMT

I'm writing a small app that will help me drill for the MCAD tests. Can 
someone tell me if they are all multiple choice?

Also, on the Q's where multiple answers are available is partial credit 
given for partially correct answers? 

test app

Postby anonymous » Mon, 23 May 2005 02:49:13 GMT

Yes all the questions are objective type

test app

Postby philadelphia76ers » Wed, 25 May 2005 22:47:46 GMT

yes all of them are multiple choice questions
even the partially correct answer you get the credits
for those you score right,execpt those you did'nt get 

MCAD tests. Can 
partial credit 

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