Test Preparation Time


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  • 1. Good Book for 70-215 exam???
    Any suggestions for books covering the Microsoft 70-215 exam? Thanks, Dennis
  • 2. MSPress book on c# web apps
    I've read the ms press book and tried the practice exam. I got only three questions wrong. But I answered only half the questions. It gives you 50 questions in 50 minutes. Is that realistic or do you get longer in the real exam? I found it very difficult even to read the whole question in just one minute. Regards, Jon
  • 3. Supermemo or similar databases/tools for the .NET exams
    try "trandumper" in google search..... it is exactly what you are looking for....
  • 4. Detecting Floppy Drive
    I have two operating systems, 1.Windows 98 2. Linux when iam operating Linux operating system the floppy drive will not be access. what is the problem in these operating systems if any probelm is there please to bring to the notice of my e-id: XXXX@XXXXX.COM
  • 5. Is MCAD cert necessary for my situation?
    Hi all, I am a fresh computer engineering degree holder. Currently, I am looking for a job in IT area, specifically software development. Going through the job recuitment advertisements for a few weeks, most of the minimum requirements (for fresh graudate!) are profiency in skills like C++, .Net framework, J2EE, XML, HTML etc. etc. By then, I realized that the programming tool/languages covered in university are diverse, not so in depth and even outdated. Those in-depth stuffs are mostly conceptual and very abstract like Algorithms, Discrete Maths, Data Structures etc. Are MCAD or MCSD courses & certificates a necessity for ppl like me? Please advice. Thanks, Lance.

Test Preparation Time

Postby Michael » Sun, 06 Mar 2005 14:10:27 GMT

Hey guys, i've decided to go the c# route.  I've ordered 
Kalani's book to start with and planning on ordering some 
supplemental software, maybe Transcendor unless anyone 
can recommend something more effective/cheaper.  I'm 
curious to know how long on average it takes to prepare 
for one of the exams?  I'm taking 70-315 first.  I'm 
trying to set a time goal and work towards that, is 3 
months reasonable?  

Re: Test Preparation Time

Postby Emma Burrows » Mon, 07 Mar 2005 02:00:09 GMT

Depending on your existing level of expertise, 3 months sounds fine. I took
six weeks to work through Kalani's book at a very leisurely pace and booked
the exam as soon as I'd finished. As I had quite a lot of general web
experience already, I reckon I could have stuffed the whole revision into
one month, but there was no great hurry as I'm off work expecting a baby
(due Tuesday - I have a feeling the next exams will be more of a challenge
to prepare for...).

Good luck!


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