Transcender 70-320 on sale!!!


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    I am planning to do my MCAD this year. I currently have 5 years exp VB6 and SQL Server, and 1 year .NET. The first exam Im going to take is 70-305 - .NET Web Apps There are a few questions Id like help with before I start; 1) How long will i need to prepare for this exam (how long a piece of string I know) but, how many topics should I aim to cover a week? Is there anywhere I can locate a strategy guide do give some structure to my learning. 2) What is the best book? I hear the official Microsoft one are not adequate to pass 3) I will be attempting this without any training - just self learning, is this wise? 4) How can I expect the MCAD to benefit me - I am now 27 with 5 years experience, but am just a bog standard developer. Should I aim to be some kind of lead developer? Thanks in Advance Everyone! Gareth
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    I am 33 years old, currently not employed or knowledgable in the IT Business World. I am very interested in programming and development. I have an opportunity to go to a place called for free. I will be getting certifications in the following A+, then Network+, SCJP (Core Java 2), and then I have a choice of MCAD or MCSD.NET. Does anyone have a recommendation as to what I should do ? Will I find work with these certifications alone and no degree ? I'd appreciate some educated professional opinons. I understand that I will probably sit behind a help desk for a while, but I am willing to wait my turn to advance. I am eager to develop software, not answer phones. Do people in this industry promote from within ?
    hi.. i m planning for MCAD Paper 1, now the only doubt i have in my mind is tht fact tht VS2005 have been released... so is thr any possibility tht within the same year we will have to upgrade ourself..... n tht probably mean tht we will have to again give the same paper... any suggestions regarding tht.. plz do email me at XXXX@XXXXX.COM
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    Where can I find information on category-wise total number ofcertified professionals?

Transcender 70-320 on sale!!!

Postby Shail » Mon, 18 Apr 2005 08:23:59 GMT

I cleared 70-320 exam with pretty good score today. 
I have Transcender online access for 70-320 exam for 
another 15 days. It cost me 109$ for whole 30 days.

Selling it for 25$ only...Dont miss this, pass the exam 
first time!!!!

Write me back cause is time is running out.


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