Urgent !!!!!! can anyone please supply the code of mcad 70-316 by Amit ????


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  • 1. Do I need to learn VStudio.net 2005?
    HI, I am currently preparing for Exam 70-316. It specifies that I should be aware of VStudio.net as well. Currently all books refer to VStudio.net 2003. But VStudio.net 2005 will be released soon. If it is released before I take the exam, will the exam have the questions related to VStudio2005 or the questions will be kind of generic ones which will be common for both the VSTudio versions???
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    I am goin to buy the books & CDs ...etc. is Learnkey Direcr any good.
  • 3. how many exams need to write for MCAD
    hi Someone suggest me how many core exams n how many elective exams need to write for MCAD. I am going to write 70 305. which way is best for me pl suggest. Thanks shiva
  • 4. Suggest me for 70 305
    Hai friends I am planing to write 70-305. i 've 1 year .net experience n 5 years vb experience. Can any one help me the resource to prepare for the exam 305. I will be wait for the resource at XXXX@XXXXX.COM . Any help in this regard highly appreciated. Many Thanks shiva
  • 5. How to set debug mode in ASP
    if i understand what you are saying, you should set the debug via the web.config for the whole web app and then you can set the debug for each page on a page by page basis at the page declaration tag <%@ Page language="c#" ... %> hope this resolves your question >-----Original Message----- >I am confused. I have read that you set debug mode through web.Config: > <Compilation ... debug="false"/> > >But it seems that in VS.Net the Release/Debug dropdown on the toolbar >actually controls the compilation. > >In the context of the exam how do they expect you to set this? > >Thank You, > >Brian > > >. >

Re: Urgent !!!!!! can anyone please supply the code of mcad 70-316 by Amit ????

Postby command_magic » Tue, 26 Jul 2005 12:18:44 GMT

my email address is  



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Re: Urgent !!!!!! can anyone please supply the code of mcad 70-316 by Amit ????

Postby fj » Sun, 31 Jul 2005 08:48:37 GMT

Here is what you have to do.

Find Amit's web site.

All the source code can be download for free.



BTW, why people always want to get help without even trying to sort it out 
first. There is no free lunch.

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