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  • 1. SPAN tag
    I am using the Thomson/Wave learning material to study for exam 70-305. In the section that covers "Using Server Controls" it mentions the SPAN tag, and I quote: "To add a SPAN to a DIV, click twice on the control to edit the text of the control. Position the the cursor where you want to place the SPAN and choose SPAN from the Insert menu. <paragraph continues...>" No matter where I look or what I do I am (that's a lot of I's ;o) ) unable to locate any Insert menu, let alone a menu that allows a SPAN tag to be added. Help before I go insane. Is there an Insert menu? How do I set a SPAN tag? Is there life on Mars??!! Bryan
  • 2. Microsoft books
    I want to ask if I got the microsoft books that it mentioned in the site ,I would gain the full knowledge or not and what is the best solution.
  • 3. exam 70305
    I want to take the 70305 exam and I want to know if the questions from the skills assesment on the ms site are similar to the questions in the real exam(70305)? can any one tell me? thanks very much...


Postby TmVlbC4 » Sat, 28 May 2005 09:10:04 GMT

1) Well, during the exam, (i believe it'll be computer based), can you go 
back to previous or let's say a selected quetions at the end if you have more 

2) Does it really matter wht score you get if you get more than 700 (thtz 
the passing score rite??)

3) Do we no the results rite away?? 

plz tell me ne lat min preparations/exams... i'm takin my Exam 70-315 tom!! 

thanks guyz..


RE: Urgent!!

Postby UmFqYQ » Mon, 30 May 2005 15:06:01 GMT

Please see the answers inline

Yes, unless it's an adaptive exam. I believe most MS exams are non-adaptive !

I guess not !

Yes. That's the whole point of a computer testing !

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