want to become microsoft certified.


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    Hello folks!! I am studying for Exam 70-316 and I am using Amit Kalani's book "MCAD/MCSD Developing and implementing Windows-based Applications with Visual C#.Net and Visual Studio.Net" and i've lost the CD for tht book :( I need the CD for the code and the practice exams. I live in Chicago and I am ready to post you guys a blank CD with whatever the postage will take. I am wondering if somebody can burn me a copy of the companion CD for 70- 316 Amit Kalani's book... Once again, I'll provide a blank CD as well as whatever the postage will take... I'll really appreciate your help. Please reply me ASAP. Thanks in advance. Neel.
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want to become microsoft certified.

Postby amit » Fri, 03 Sep 2004 23:54:08 GMT

i am a programmer. i want to become microsoft certified.
i have knowledge of VB.NET. so i want to become an MCAD.
please send me information about how to become microsoft 
certified and related links. also advantages of microsoft 
certified. i have also knowledge of other programming 
languages. i want to create messenger using VB.NET please 
give me tips.

Re: want to become microsoft certified.

Postby Hermit Dave » Sat, 04 Sep 2004 00:48:17 GMT

first you need to be sure of what exactly you want to ask... mcsd... 
programming... making your own messenger... whatever

have a read of this

if you are a beginner and think that MCAD or MCSD will look good on you !!!
hold you guns... lapel pins okay... but i havent used it till date..
get yourself .net sdk at

for info on visual studio

if you to try the new Visual studio 2005 tools.. express products are here
just for you.. help yourself.

Now one you know in's and out's of programming ... on to certification..

Basic info on what MCP/MCAD/MCSD is

pointers to the right places...
MCP.. you give one exam you become MCP

MCAD.. do 3 select MCP exmas and you become MCAD

MCSD.. do all the required MCPs for a particular stream and you become MCSD

For .NET certification(s) MCP/ MCAD/ MCSD:
you have 55 questions
passing score is 700 of 1000
its a 2 hour exam (plus 15 mins for tutorial + 15 for comments)
it costs 103.something GBP in uk...
you can find out the cost for your country at

Also... you can take the exam in any order.. start with elective or a core
the only requirement is that you do the least number of MCPs required for
your cert

If you program in C#.. get Amit Kalani's stuff... its not too bad... infact
i am doing my 70-320 with this book and it all looks good so far.
 http://www.**--****.com/ %20kalani/ref=xs_ap_sai1_xgl/026-0445228-0087606

if you want MS training material...

Please dont request dumps and or training material or information to be
emailed to you. if you are smart enough to finish a newsgroup to spam then
please remember that google is your best friend. first find out what mcad /
mcsd is.



Hermit Dave
( http://www.**--****.com/ )

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