wanted used MCAD prep material


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  • 1. 70-306 course books
    HI, I have passed 70-305 a while ago and I now want to continue once again and pass 70-306. I have some training material (books) but was wondering if it is possible to purchase the training course books from Microsoft? I recently sat on a MS course (2559B) and the book was quite good although not very in depth. Would I be able to buy the 2565 course book from MS? Thanks.
  • 2. Free Test
    Where can I do a free test online.
  • 3. Microsoft free assessment too hard?
    Hi, has anyone tried these free assessments? i found the VS.net questions very hard compared to, say 70305 practice exams. can anyone verify my thinking?? cheers
  • 4. Some questions about MCAD
    Hi all, First, congradulate to the ppl who passed any of the exams for MCAD. Seconly, I wish ppl who are going to take the exam can pass. For myslef, I am planning to train myself to get my first microsoft certificate(MCAD) in 6 months. I dont know if i can do it or not but i am sure i will try my best as i can because... the exams are not cheap~~~^_^ I do have some questions for the ppl who has passed the exam, and i hope you guys can give me some tips. I am appreciate for your help. 1. when people mention use a lot of MSDN, I'd like to know in particular how you make use of MSDN? 2. For the 70-305 exam, what is the perfect score for the test? I often seem ppl memtion score of 876, 854.. but is that sould be 876/1000, 854/1000? 3. I just ordered the MS Press book yesterday and i'd like to know how ppl think about this book? I saw the message from a user in the forum (Jinah) said that the book is kind of weak, is it really? Thank you very much!! --leoman730
  • 5. Anybody with unactivated copy of 70-316
    I am looking for an unactivated copy of 70-316.

wanted used MCAD prep material

Postby kgk » Sat, 24 Jan 2004 10:39:06 GMT

I am preparing for MCAD and want to buy used material for tes

Pl email me if you want to sell your used material.


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Re: wanted used MCAD prep material

Postby Hermit Dave » Sun, 25 Jan 2004 09:18:21 GMT

you can have mine...  just a grand in all.. not a penny less...

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