70-306 practice exams


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  • 1. New Updated BizTalk Exam
    Does anyone know if there will be a new BizTalk exam soon? I really don't want to get certified with a 4 yr old exam.
  • 2. Wrong exam
    Hello i already past the 70-306 (Win Apps) and 70-305 (Web Apps), both Visual Basic .NET exams. But now i registerd for the 70-320 (Web services... ) exam, a C# exam I can't cancel it and change it to the VB.NET version. Will this exam count for my MCAD certification ? kind regards Dieter De Preester
  • 3. Time Limits
    Hi all, Can anyone please let me know whether there is any time limit for completing MCAD & MCSD certifications? I mean suppose I have appeared for my first exam in MCAD, do I need to complete the pending 2 exams of MCAD within some time limit? Also, after completing MCAD, if I want to go for MCSD, do i need to complete the pending 2 exams of MCSD within some time limit? Thanks in advance. Raj ;-)
  • 4. Please clarify my doubt
    Hello friends, I am David. I have a plan to do certificate. My skill sets are ASP.NET using C#. I have no idea on this MCAD. So please Help me to know the exams i have to take for these skills. Thank you David
  • 5. Am I MCAD Certified if..
    Am I MCAD Certified if I take these exams: 70-305 70-306 70-310 Thanks in advance -James

70-306 practice exams

Postby Aaron Carpenter » Sun, 29 Aug 2004 00:20:13 GMT

Taking the VB.NET Windows exam next week. Any recommendations on which
practice exams are most helpful?

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