70310 or 70229


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    Hi I am taking the 70-305 test, with a fair knowledge. I have deecided to first go through Mike's book, start to finish. Can some one please guide me on what else will I need to do ( like which good practice tests, any more reading etcc ) and list that out in the form of ordered steps 1,2,3,... Thanks Amit
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    I keep getting Windows Media Player unknown error. How would I fix that? It was working before but I had a virus and all has to be fixed.
  • 3. price of mike's book for 70-305 in india
    Hi all, Please tell me the price of 70-305 for vb.net book by mike in ahmedabad(gujarat) or india if anybody knows. Thanks in advance,
  • 4. 70315
    Used Transcender and dumps from mcsebraindumps.net to prepare. Studied for 1 month. Scored 943. 43 questions, finished in 15 mins.

70310 or 70229

Postby QmFsdQ » Fri, 25 Aug 2006 19:47:02 GMT

hi all,
im planning to take mcad exams.
i've cleared 70-305 recently.shud i take 70310 as next exam or 70229.

Re: 70310 or 70229

Postby Blackmetal » Sat, 26 Aug 2006 05:46:50 GMT

Why do we have to decide for you?...don't missunderstand the point of the 
question, I'm just trying to let you realize that you're the one to take 
that decision depending on what do you want to do in your career

but, by the way, 70310 is part of the core MCAD and 70229 is an elective

Re: 70310 or 70229

Postby QmFsdQ » Sat, 26 Aug 2006 19:29:01 GMT

thanx for ur reply n  actually im planning to take 70229 first.is it okay to 
write the core exam 70310 after the elective 70229 is what im asking...

Re: 70310 or 70229

Postby Cerebrus » Sat, 26 Aug 2006 22:08:08 GMT

You can do the exams in any order you please.

Re: 70310 or 70229

Postby Q2FybG9zIENhbWFjaG8 » Sat, 02 Sep 2006 01:38:02 GMT

You can take the exams in any order.

I passed the 70229 after Id passed the 70305.
Ive decided to take the 70229 before 70310 because Ive already experience 
with SQL Server 2000 and I dont have much experience with XML Web Services. 
In this case, my option was to take the exam which I would spending minus 
effort to get prepared.

Actually Im studying for the 70310. Good luck and be in touch to share exam 
tips (or doubts).

Carlos Camacho.

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