70-315 - ridicule ?


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70-315 - ridicule ?

Postby Daniel Groh » Tue, 03 May 2005 21:52:56 GMT

I don't wanna undeserve MCP's, please, but i've done some tests simulations 
for 70-315 exam and i'm doing it easily without so much difficulty and some 
friends MCP's told me that the exam is really easy! is it ? i've seen 
questions like:

Wich of theses options are most usual to make a login in a site where the 
user can buy books:

Forms Authentication.. (correct answer)

What do you think about it ?

Daniel Groh
CTF Technologies do Brasil LTDA
Analista Programador
Fone: 11 3837-4203

Re: 70-315 - ridicule ?

Postby Egghead » Wed, 04 May 2005 01:04:43 GMT

Try to do the real thing, if you think you are ready :)

In gerenal, we all know there will be some stupid Qs in any given exams

In addition, MCP <> MCAD and MCP <> MCSD.

Oh, btw, if you find M$ exam is easy for you, go to do some SUN exam.



Re: 70-315 - ridicule ?

Postby Daniel Groh » Wed, 04 May 2005 01:09:33 GMT

not at all...it just was a question...maybe in reallity, it's not easy, i 
just have heard about...

i believe that MCP <> MCAD and MCSD...

i'll study more and i can prove the exam...hehehe...

thanks for the invit to the SUN, i'm happy with M$ =D

Thanks in advance!

Daniel Groh
CTF Technologies do Brasil LTDA
Analista Programador
Fone: 11 3837-4203
"Egghead" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > escreveu na mensagem 

Re: 70-315 - ridicule ?

Postby Rolie » Fri, 06 May 2005 12:41:59 GMT

I have done 70-315. And i say mock exams are more 
difficult than the real exams. if you are doing good
in the mock exams, there should be no problem for you 
passing the real one.

I have also a certification in SUN java, and it 
harder than the MSxams.

I think SUN concentrates more on the syntax thing,
lots of codes simulations. And MS concentrates
more on concepts on how to deliver an application.

I think MS exams are better in testing you as 
a good developer.

it's not easy, i 

any given exams
some SUN exam.

some tests
much difficulty and
it ? i've seen
in a site where the

Re: 70-315 - ridicule ?

Postby U2Vhbg » Sat, 07 May 2005 06:00:08 GMT

his is the answer I have been looking for!
Mock exams are hard and in fact, some are not even accurate! avoid osborne
cert press some of the content was flat out wrong. in defense my book might
be covering an earlier version but the publication date is the same as the
Que books we all know and love.

p.s. Programing in windows Forms book from the .Net developers series had an
example that was exactly as one of the questions on my exam to bad I read the
book after taking the exam

I took 70-306 knowing I would fail but was surprised at how close I got to
I think one more round of review and I am going to give it another shot!

"Rolie" wrote:

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