70-316 and Whidbey


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70-316 and Whidbey

Postby rosty » Thu, 05 Feb 2004 16:42:14 GMT

I am currently preparing for 70-316 with A.Kalani's book. Whidbey is
supposed to come up in 2004. Is 70-316 going to include immediatley all of
the changes from Whidbey so I will have to start my preparation over again
in case I don't pass the exam until then?

Re: 70-316 and Whidbey

Postby Hermit Dave » Fri, 06 Feb 2004 01:12:09 GMT

whidbey is going to be out for beta testing in 2004 (not dates out.. hope 
fully summe)
so you can expect the public release of whidbey in last part of 2004 
(earliest) or 2005.
The exams if any would depend on the extent of changes in the framework.
Current PDC release isnt the best judge of how its going to end up.
So any changes in exams whatsoever are a long way off....

well .net framework is still going to be the same... though with whidbey its 
possible that you might have to learn a bit more...
so if you still havent finished 1.l exams till say 2005... i would 
suggest.... starting up on whidbey and taking the exams in 2006



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