70-316, Best practice exams???


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    I posted abother message earlier and it never got posted. So, this may be a near duplicate message. If so, I apologize. My agency has bought the AppDev MCAD/MCSD training suite. I currently cannot get it to install on my PC. Anyway, is this a good study/training aid? I have Kanlani's 70-315 book and I have written some C# web apps, winapps, and a VB.net web service. But I am still not comfortable with C# and . net. Does anybody have a recommendation for me? I am also a little ambivalent about certification. I am disabled and the industry is going toward only hiring consultants. In the south where I live I have never seen a handicapped consultant. I also had the experience of having a MCSD consultant come it and not know anything. Of course this is not nearly always the case. Thanks for your help, Sal Thanks,
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    I want to setup News group into my Outlook Express. I Know the procedure and process. But i don;t know excately what is the server name i should type it in. I will waiting for your respond. Best Regard -- OliverSs
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    Is there any MS Certification exams for IIS 6.0? Thanks, Smith
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    Hi Experts, I have now passed the first MCAD exam (VB.NET 70-306 with 850 points) and want to prepare for the next exams ASP.NET 70-305 and XML Webservices 70-310. Which (german) books could you recommend? For the first exam I have used the german version of the MS book "MCAD/MCSD Self-Paced Training Kit: Developing Windows-Based Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual C# .NET". This book is very good to learn the basics, although it does not discover all the exam stuff, where the Kalani book from Que is much better. But for the next 2 exams I have not found german version of the recommended Self-Paced Training Kit on the MCAD requirement homepage. I can write, speak and understand english, but german would be better for me -) But in the case of need, I would also take english books. Many thanks for your help and Best regards

70-316, Best practice exams???

Postby TW90ZWs » Wed, 09 Nov 2005 07:33:09 GMT

Just wondering what is the best practice exams for 70-316. I am using 
Transcender at the moment but people are saying that they are easier than 
real exam. Can someone who done that exam recently let me know his/her 
Also practice exams that are coming with Kalani training guide are they any 
good (PrepLogic exams).

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