A question on where to begin


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    I am starting to work on getting my MCAD and now that I look at the MSDN site I see that Visual Studios 2005 is in the works / beta or on its way out. What does this mean to people who are getting their MCAD right now? I already have all my books for the MCAD exam, so I still want to get it, but will my MCAD in .NET be worthless once 2005 comes out? just wondering. Thanks
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    has anyon got the TestKing pdf question on 70-316 please send it to my mail add. XXXX@XXXXX.COM Thanks
  • 3. Come back in Computers
    Hi Group!! Greetings!! I would like to do MCAD. Could someone suggest me where to start plz. Thx in adv. Vikas
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    Hi, Am off to write asp.net paper in last week of april. I have Test king eam paper. Is that enough or shuold i go with books too? Help me up plzz..

A question on where to begin

Postby BobR » Sat, 12 May 2007 00:35:59 GMT

I find myself in uncharted waters, at least by me.

Lets say that one is an experienced programmer and:

1) is strong in C and C++,
2) has experience in real time application design on Linux and 
proprietary platforms,
3) owns Visual Studio 2005,
4) has been doing some self-study on Java and the C# language

yet has NO experience in the Windows programming world.  Let me 
refine that: Back in Feb 2007 a potential job opportunity forced me 
to dive headfirst into Win32 API to evaluate the potential employers 
application.  I grabbed onto the concepts of Win32 programming 
quickly and was able to start tearing into it.  Then, I thought, what 
about .Net?  What is it, how do I use it?  Consequently I have been 
digging up references on the web, buying and reading a few books and 
understand what it is, and have done some tutorial exercises and feel 
comfortable with it although certainly not ready to tackle anything 

Sorry for the length but I wanted to furnish a bit of background so 
that my question might be better evaluated.

What is good, fast track method for increasing the learning and 
persuing MIcrosoft Certification?  I think that MCAD or perhaps MCPD 
might be a target direction. So, I guess what I am asking is...what 
is a good way to gain the knowledge neede to sit for the tests and do 

Sneaking another one in.... looking on the Microsoft Site on MCP 
topics it seems to suggest that the MCAD courses target .Net 1.0 
while MCPD courses target .Net 2.0.  At the same time it seems as 
though MCPD is more focused/myopic whichever you prefer.  It looks 
lie the MCPD narrows down the material.  Is one more desirable than 
the other?

In advance I appreciate any comments that anyone might make.

Re: A question on where to begin

Postby Thor » Sat, 12 May 2007 03:53:45 GMT

MCTS dev track(s) first.
I think I would jump on the distributed first with your background.
Read Petzold: "Programming Windows" (any edition) if you haven't: it bridges 
the gap between your valuable experience and .NET.
Also, I'm thinking, maybe have a look at BizTalk or ASP+Windows Workflow 
Foundation, if this is the kind of thing that is easy for you (just a 
If you are the typical Linux guy you might have fun with Ruby or Python (on 
.NET), I mean for playing around with.

Re: A question on where to begin

Postby Thor » Sat, 12 May 2007 04:02:16 GMT

I forgot: C++ Managed is pretty cool, optimizer is supposed to be muchmuch 
better than on other .NET languages, and if you are used to STL and that 
kind of stuff transition might be easier

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