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  • 1. Validation of MCAD Certification
    I would like to know how long an MCAD certification is valid ? Does it have an expiration date? Thanks.
  • 2. Can I take the Web Services Exma first(70-320) and then attempt 70
    hi, I have been working on XML Web Services for 1 year and so want to take the 70-320 exam before I attempt 70-306. Is that allowed OR should I finish 306 for me to take the 320? thanks
  • 3. I am lost, please help
    Dear all, Does anyone could help me on a good advise on the following. I just work hard to just get certification and would like to continue to mcad and mcsd path. I just then get the news from MS of the release of vs 2005 for november and changes on certification exam on this product. I am plannig to go for exam within October, I already start to study hard. Now this newws of certification changes put me down somehow. Does the effort I have done so far is useless then? I mean should I stop my path now and wait for 2005 exams or continue my 2003 path? Please note that all exams and books are my own money , not my company Thanks for your advise in reaching my goal regards Serge

Download Certification exams dumps

Postby Usman » Sun, 29 Mar 2009 17:09:12 GMT


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