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  • 1. questions regarding paper of C#(70-316)
    Can anybody tell me how to check our progress via some exam? Which exam is helpful for the final 70-316 exam? early reply is appreciated... Thanks. >-----Original Message----- >Hi, > >I am about to give the exam 70-316 within 10 days. Can >anybody tell me the paper pattern and the passing score. >I know that there is no fixed marks to pass the exam. But >what is the overall score needed to pass. >-> how many questions were there in the exam? >-> How much is the time duration(I am staying in New >Jersey, US) > >Thanks. >. >
  • 2. why is that?
    when i start .NET 2003 IDE i got following error (written on small window in the center of the screen): Unspecified error. After that, everything runs fine: project is loaded and gui works fine. ?
  • 3. What to find the best Practice Test
    I have got he Kalani's Book for the 70-315 exam. But now the question is where to get the best test from. I looked at the trancenders price and found they were really expensive, I remember finding a great test package for $20 US when doing my SCJP. Any Help Please?
  • 4. Visual Studio.NET installation
    Hey all: After I installed it, I couldn't create a web project. It complains about web server is not detected under the virtual directory. Then I remember that I need to install IIS in order to use VS.NET for web applications. But seems that my Windows XP Home Edition doesn't come up with IIS, since I can't find IIS using add/remove windows components. So does anyone have the same problem or know how to solve this problem? Thanks a lot! JJ
  • 5. help C#
    Please tell me how to call a form from a form.. Thanks in advance.

About Exam 70-306

Postby Yamini » Tue, 14 Sep 2004 14:28:23 GMT

         Iam new to MCAD, Iam preparing for 70-306 Exam, 
How many questions will be there for this exam? And how 
long the exam will be (the timings?)
What are the various good resources for this exam? Can 
anyone help me?


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