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  • 1. 70-316 Subject Areas Covered
    I've been taking online exams for the 70-316 but the Microsoft exams have stuff that I really hadn't covered such as SOAP and extensive XML and web stuff. I know this is important stuff to know but is it on the 70-316 or is it more VS2005-certification-oriented? thanks, cj
  • 2. adaptive exam
    Hi, I am a VB.NET developer and already passed exams 305 and 306, so 1 to go for MCAD (310). I read about "adaptive exams" ; did anyone have an experience with this kind of exam during his/her MCAD track ?
  • 3. books for 70-229?
    can anyone tell me a book to prepare for exam 70-229? sridhar
  • 4. info regarding mcad
    hi how to goabout getting the mcad cetification. what has to be done after passing the required exams. and can anyone suggest me good book for 70-229 exam thank you
  • 5. MCAD Contact
    Hi, I took my MCP exam (70-316) on 18th of March it is almost 3 weeks and still I have not recevied any official mail from MS/ I don't even got the access code to access the MCP site. Please provide the contact details as whom to contact regarding this issure. Appreciate your response Thanks

About Exam 70-330

Postby TXNmdDRldnI » Tue, 16 Nov 2004 04:59:02 GMT

Hello developing friends!

I want to ask you all only one question. I'm about obtaining my MCAD here in 
Spain but I have noticed that the exam 70-330 does not appear in the spanish 
version of Microsoft MCAD Requirements. There only appear the 70-229, 70-230, 
70-234 and the 305, 306, 315 or 316. In Microsoft's international web, in 
addition to those exams, appear the 70-330 and the 70-340 exams. I ask you if 
anyone knows if the 70-330 exam is valid or not, because I want to make that 

Please, answer soon because I want to start studying!

Thanks, friends!

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