Access 2000 - question


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Access 2000 - question

Postby ZGFzNTU » Mon, 01 Nov 2004 02:39:01 GMT

Hi All,
I have been doing some development in Access 2000 and need some help.  This 
may be fairly simple but I haven't figured it out.

I have a field in a subform that contains names of an excel 2000 
spreadsheets.  I want to create a macro so than when someone double clicks on 
the field, Excel will start up and open that spreadsheet whose name is in 
that current record.  

I haven't done an VD development, but if that what it takes...
Thanks das55

Re: Access 2000 - question

Postby Cindy Winegarden » Mon, 01 Nov 2004 05:04:49 GMT

Hi Das55,

This group is for questions and answers about Microsoft certification exams. 
You'll get much better help from a microsoft.public.access.* newsgroup.

Cindy Winegarden  MCSD, Microsoft Visual FoxPro MVP

Re: Access 2000 - question

Postby ZGFzNTU » Tue, 02 Nov 2004 04:54:02 GMT

Thanks Cindy,

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