Access 2000 - question


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    Hola amigos del foro. Me estoy preparando para presentarme al examen 70 - 315, alguien tiene algun simulador que me ayuda a estudiar que me pueda enviar por mail a: XXXX@XXXXX.COM gracias
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    I need one more exam for MCAD. I am not sure if I hurry up clear my last exam, can I still get MCAD before next year? Since I have been preparing my last exam, I hope to get MCAD first, then upgrade later. Does anybody know when Microsoft is going to change the exam? Thanks, zym
  • 3. What is required?
    Hi, Im just beginning my MCAD at home, and Im not really sure which exams I need to take to pass.... I presume I would be okay doing 70-306: Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 70-310: XML Web Services with Microsoft VB.NET and VS.NET 70-229: SQL Server 2000 Design Would that be enough to pass the MCAD? Sorry for the stupid question, but having trawled several e-learning sites I am rather confused about exactly what I need to do! thanks
  • 4. Newbie
    Hello, I would like to become a MCAD, i would like to get some help in choosing the proper education material. Which books should i buy? Is that developing kit good? Where can i find examples of exams to prepare? And all other interesting information is welcome. Where in belgium can i take the exam? I saw for MCAD i need to do following exams: - 70-315 and 70-316 - 70-320 - and an elective exam: i would chose 70-340 is that correct? or do i have to choose between 315 and 316 (so i don't have to do them both?) If i pass all those test than i receive the MCAD? or not yet? Is there a time limit, let's say i take exam 315, does that mean i have to take the second exam in a predefined time period? or am i free to choose when i take the next exam? How long did you guys prepare for these exams? (70-315, 70-316, 70-320, 70-340) i really hope i get some responses to this Thank you very much
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    Does anyone here have knowledge of the training that TechSkills provides? They have self-paced training centers with a staff member on site who can, supposedly, answer questions. I'm looking at doing this to get current with some of the newer programming tools, but want to come away actually being able to program instead of just pass a certification exam. I appreciate all comments from anyone who has some input on TechSkills. Thanks. James Messick Kernersville, NC

Access 2000 - question

Postby ZGFzNTU » Mon, 01 Nov 2004 02:39:01 GMT

Hi All,
I have been doing some development in Access 2000 and need some help.  This 
may be fairly simple but I haven't figured it out.

I have a field in a subform that contains names of an excel 2000 
spreadsheets.  I want to create a macro so than when someone double clicks on 
the field, Excel will start up and open that spreadsheet whose name is in 
that current record.  

I haven't done an VD development, but if that what it takes...
Thanks das55

Re: Access 2000 - question

Postby Cindy Winegarden » Mon, 01 Nov 2004 05:04:49 GMT

Hi Das55,

This group is for questions and answers about Microsoft certification exams. 
You'll get much better help from a microsoft.public.access.* newsgroup.

Cindy Winegarden  MCSD, Microsoft Visual FoxPro MVP

Re: Access 2000 - question

Postby ZGFzNTU » Tue, 02 Nov 2004 04:54:02 GMT

Thanks Cindy,

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