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  • 1. 70-316 after 70-315?
    Just passed 70-315... I looked at 70-316, there are a lot of overlaps between these two. Is that a good idea to take 70-316 first and then take 70-320 to fulfill the MCAD.NET? Any suggestions from you folks? Thanks!
  • 2. 70-315 - minimum score to pass....
    is illegal to ask for it? does anyone have this information? thanks
  • 3. all at once or one at the time?
    Hi, My current job is paying the studybooks and my exams for MCAD. They want me to do Web development, web services (C#) and biztalk server (elective). I was wondering if it would make sense to study them all first and then take the exams at a short period of time, or would it be better to study them one by one and taking the exams one by one. (ok for the elective I do think it doesn't matter, but what about the other 2?) Tnx!
  • 4. Test Prep Software
    Hello, I am studying for the MCAD 70-316(C#) test. I want to know what are some good pratice test engines. Is Self Test Software very helpful in preparing for the exam? What about Prep Logic? I would love as much feed back as possible. Thank you.
  • 5. OT: ignore
    Igonred, you ignoramus ! >-----Original Message----- >sorry please ignore. >. >

Another beginner

Postby bmltc3Vt » Thu, 03 Mar 2005 00:35:02 GMT

     I am a VBA programmer with almost 7 yrrs in just VBA. I am thinking of 
doing the MCAD in hopes of landing a .NET job. Here are my questions.

1. Will certifications without experience help me land a job?
2. Which track should i pursue? - Webapps development or windows based 
applications? (All my experience has been windows based although I know a 
little bit of java).
3. What time frame am I looking at?
4. I was considering 70-305, 70-310 and 70-229. How good is the market for 
web apps compared to Windows based app development?
5. Will I be considered for jobs which require non web app development?


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